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C25K check-in, week of October 8-14 (Read 230 times)

    Had to be out of town last week, so I didn't check in, and I didn't run Blush I took my shoes, but just didn't get to do it, but I'm back on track this week Big grin I'm in week three and doing great!
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      I shuffled around my running this week to accomodate an extra rest day... and ended up making my long run half again as long as it was going to be. Shocked That was a bit of a mistake! Now my knees are hurting. *smacks self on forehead* I knew better than that... hope I didn't do any real damage and they're just a little grumpy...

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        Hi Everyone--I had to take the week off....some random occuring knee pain that I self-diagnosed as medial collateral ligament sprain (I slipped walking across campus for a meeting). I read up on treatment and did the RICE thing and promised myself I wouldn't run until Sunday, so we'll see how the early part of the weekend goes. It feels better. Earlier in the week I couldn't bend my knee all the way and it was tender to touch, but today it's just a little tight....I've noticed I get really depressed when I'm not able to run.....Hope everyone else is having a good week!