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    I did W1D2 on Monday and have just done W1D3 and feel very good to have completed the first week of C25K! I just wanted to check that it's okay for me to start Week 2 on Friday even though I only started the programme on Saturday and therefore a full week hasn't actually elapsed? I prefer to run more often than 3 times a week, but should I stick with the W1 training schedule until Saturday or just press on?
    For now, try to stick with just running the three times a week and do something else on that other day. Part of the reason C25K is structured the way it is is to keep you from doing too much too soon and getting injured. I know it's hard to wait; I wanted to do more too. It takes about 5 to 7 weeks for your soft tissues/joints/ligaments/etc to get used to the new stresses and impact of running. Try to be patient; you'll get there. Smile Welcome to our group. Cool

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      Hey all~ Love all the 'energy' around here...I had a GREAT 28 minute run for starting Week 8 last night...actually I ran 29.5 minutes by accident ha ha, but it was all good and feels much better this week then last week! Goddess - So cool with the hydration belt! I have that on my 'list' of things to of my blog friends refers to this stuff (magazines, water bottles, lace gadgets, 'snacks' etc.) as 'runners porn' lol. Dani - Congrats on finishing! What a great accomplishment and good to see you've got a plan going forward. I plan to work towards the One Hour Runner program for now, unless I find something else. I want to run a 10K in May, so I'm not sure if the OHR plan is right or not. Anyway, great job and I'm right behind ya! Cool Sushi - Don't worry about your pace. I am very slow too, but I get a little faster 'naturally' every week! To finsh the 25-28 minute runs, I slow it down because I want to get through it all without stopping.I can run faster 1-3 minute intervals, but my longer runs average 12 minute miles still. I'm more concerned with running the full time that is scheduled and not worry about how far I actually go in that time. It's about endurance right now. Speedwork comes later. If I can do my first 5K in October in under 40 minutes, I'll be happy! I ran at a solid 4.2 mph for 29 minutes last night. That's not very fast, but it was comfortable, I still broke a very substantial sweat and my lungs felt good, and my heart rate was right where it needed to be for good fat burning and aerobic conditioning. Olivia - We are in the same spot - Almost Done! Woo Hoo! It's a great feeling of accomplishment isn't it? Littlefrog - I agree with Meg, stick to the plan - your body will thank you later! (knocking on wood) Here I am almost 41 years old (next week!) and still about 23 pounds overweight, and I made it through the program injury free and without needing to repeat weeks. I use a fourth day to go for a long 3 mile brisk walk. Let your body rest when the plan calls for it and you'll do great! Cheers all!
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        Thanks Cyndi and CanadianMeg! I shall hold my horses and stick to the plan - I actually used to run but have been held up for a long time by a tendon injury. I should obviously learn my lesson and slow it down! Patience killed the Lizzie Blush

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          Hi all! After two weeks offline (it nearly killed me - I don't know anything without google!) I'm back. I took it easy running-wise last week since I had a killer work week with 5 overnight shifts to work in between my other part time job. Plus, I didn't realise how much I relied on reading all your stories to motivate my behind off this sofa! But it's a new week now and my run yesterday felt great. I was worried that last week's pause would be the end of my running (I've a history of lapsing) but it definitely wasn't. I'm also glad to hear that lots of you are in this same limbo between programs. It's interesting to see which paths you all choose after completing C25K.

          On the road again...

            Sounds like everyone is doing great! Keep up the good work.

            I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

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              Goddess - So cool with the hydration belt! I have that on my 'list' of things to of my blog friends refers to this stuff (magazines, water bottles, lace gadgets, 'snacks' etc.) as 'runners porn' lol.
              HAHAHA...that is so true! I love it. Isn't it nice to know you can run for longer if you wanted? Cool So, the belt makes me feel invincible AND it frees up my hands. Just watch out how you drain those might create a weight imbalance and make you feel like you're a little off on your stride. That's the only down side. I'm hopping out for a run now but happy running everyone! Keep it up. Smile ETA: I finally got my "fitness" back, and I'm sick, too! 27 minutes of running...much much better than the 10 minutes and then run/walking I've been doing. You know what the problem was? I was going too fast! I kept telling myself to start moderate and stay that way, no matter who is around me/passing me/behind me, and even though I felt like I was running slightly faster than a snail, I did it! That snail pace actually ended up being about 13 minutes/mile, so that means I was probably starting out at a 10-11 minute mile pace and the former pace is about par for me for multiple miles. I'm glad. ^^ The only bad thing about losing weight while running is that the smaller you get, the less calories you burn per mile. I used to burn 370 calories doing 2.5 miles, now I might get 320. 50 calories is a big deal! Tongue
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                I finished Week 3 of the C25K this morning. This was the earliest in the morning I've done so far. I felt kind of tired and not fully awake. We were up an hour earlier than usual (the usual is 6am), so I decided to use the extra time before work to fit it in and see what it's like to run before I've done much else. I prefer later in the morning. Smile

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                  Yay!!! Finished Week 5 and did the 20 minute run! It wasn't as bad as I thought. Kept a light pace, no real pain. I did stop for a sip at the water fountain, hope that's okay Wink and then we tacked on another 5 minutes on our way home. Yay! I really was skeptical 8 weeks ago that I would be able to do it!

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                  I'm slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter, but I run.

                    Finshed W1 and starting W2 today and can't wait to get out there! I've also got my Mum involved - she ants to start the programme too!
                      Just did my 3rd run of the week. I was planning on going at least 3 miles but only made it 2. Oh well. I've decided to not push myself if I don't feel like it, at least for now.