Couch to 5K and One Hour Runners


Week of 6/5-6/11 (Read 394 times)

    Ran W8D2 on the trail with the dog this morning.  Just about perfect running weather for me:  overcast, 55F, light wind.  Saw a red tailed hawk in the woods which was kind of unusual. 


    DigitalFirefly - Keep up the great work!  Just think, you're running for about a 1/4 mile continuously now, something you may not have been able to do comfortably  just a couple of weeks ago!  And it will keep getting better!

      ChupChup- Sounds like you're doing awesome on week 8!  How does it work to go running with your dog?


      I've been so happy with C25K; it really does work so well to get into running. Glad to see more people getting into it, too!

      I had to repeat days a few times, and found that was a nice way to help my body catch up and get ready to move ahead


      My regular runs are now 3 miles, done continuously- still slow, but chugging along.  I'm doing longer runs on the weekends that I do run/walk style. Tomorrow will be a bit over 7 miles, something I've never done in my life before, but I know I can do it because I've gotten here gradually.  And, thankfully, the weather will be in the 50's, perfect!

      Keep building the base.

      2012 goals: Under 30 minutes 5K, over 20 miles/week