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    Your thread made me go back and look at my logs to see how my weight loss happened and here's what I found. During C25K I lost 7 pounds. It took me well over a month to drop 2 pounds and the other 5 came off in the last half of the program. Since then, I've lost some more and have lost a total of 21 pounds since I started running in April. That's an average of about a pound a week, but there were lots of weeks in there where I lost none, or gained a pound, and then suddenly would drop a couple. Other thing to remember is that your body will FEEL different before the scale verifies the change. I've lost about 3 inches in the waist over the same time and my clothes were fitting differently even when I had only lost 5 pounds or so. Don't sweat the weight loss. It all works itself out.

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      My clothes fit different, they fit better.
      That is the better measure! Body type can have so much say in how you look. A couple of years ago, Women's Health magazine had an article with photos of four women who all weighed 140 lbs. I never would've guessed it because their body types were so different.

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        I had lost quite a bit of weight last year when I started eating healthier and doing aerobics twice a week. I hit a plateau and started running to lose the last ten pounds. I haven't lost anything since I started running, but I have firmed up through my hips and thighs. Most importantly, I think running has really helped me to make peace with my body. I may never get down to my goal weight, but man do I feel so much stronger and healthier. At this point I feel like if I lose the weight I'll be really happy, but if I don't I'm still proud that I can run 3 miles and that 3 miles will turn into 6, etc. There are a lot of people at my goal weight who aren't fit enough to run at all.

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          There are a lot of people at my goal weight who aren't fit enough to run at all.
          This is also a REALLY good point! It's more important to look at the cardiovascular and endurance goals rather than the weight goals. I think the weight loss may or may not come but having a healthy heart is more valuable than the number on the scale.

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            I haven't lost an ounce yet and my clothes are just as tight as ever. On the plus side, I haven't gained weight! And I didn't really start running to lose weight, I started running to get in better shape. I was just hoping some weight loss would come with it. Maybe it still will. Either way, I do think I'm in better shape as far as cardiovascular goes, which is a good thing.
              I lost about 10-12 pounds during C25K, but the way my clothes are fitting (or not I should say), it seems like I've lost more. I stalled out for a few weeks too - when I started doing strength training, and the time running increased...I was still 'shrinking' but the scale did not budge! I also had to check my portion sizes and started journaling my food intake - turns out I was eating more for maintenance then to loose weight! The scale is finally starting to move again, and it's a challenge to find the right balance of fueling my runs, but yet still creating a calorie 'deficit' to loose pounds. I just know if I stick with it, slow and steady, the last 20 pounds will come off!
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                Weight loss varies a lot from one person to another, but the real check is how do your clothes fit. Tomorrow is my two year anniversary of starting a fitness routine. I was a true couch potato. Two years ago I joined a health club and started weight lifting and cardio. In the past 2 years I have only dropped 18 pounds, but I am down 4 (almost 5) dress sizes. I have more energy, I require less sleep, and I can't stand to just sit on the couch. DH and I have completed 2 week-long biking vacations, and I can ride my bike 60 miles without any discomfort. On my non-running days, I think a lot about getting back out there. My advice is to concentrate on fitness - the rest will come.
                  I started running last summer/early fall and managed to get up to 4 miles by March (I'm a slow learner!). I only lost about 2 or 3 pounds total but I tell you, I FELT a lot lighter. I felt fit. My jeans fit better. A friend of mine said she could see weight loss in my face... I couldn't but oh well. I heard that you run to keep in shape... you eat less to lose weight. Running alone doesn't do anything. The problem, as was already mentioned in this thread, is that the more I ran, the hungrier I got!! It was hard to make sure I always had low-calorie snacks around to curb the hunger. I don't think I was all that successful in that, given the 2 or 3 pound weight loss but this time around I plan to do things differently. Although the holidays are coming up... and chex mix season. Crap. Tight lipped No