Couch to 5K and One Hour Runners


W2D2 tomorrow! (Read 257 times)

    Any other folks out there running the c25K?  What's your status?  Successes?  Failures?  Let's support each other!


    I'm a beginning again runner, starting back into it after 4 years of laziness...I really have missed it.

    Michele in NC


      Welcome! Keep an eye on the forum and the group home page. I did W8D2 today. Second time around. I hear ya--I missed it too!


      I'm so so much slower than I was last time. But my stress levels are pretty high, I've stopped drinking since then, I'm older, and actually I'm running at a lower heart rate. Meh, whatever. It is what it is. At least I'm on the move again!


      How about you? How's it going?

      Call me Ray (not Ishmael)

        Wow, it's very funny you should mention it...drinking is a major problem with the reason I stopped running.  I'm still drinking, but much less than before (had to go through detox, not fun!  Trying to not go there again...bad stuff and very stupid to have let it get that far in the first place!).


        Week 8, congrats!  It gets easier from there.  Just have to be careful not to get cocky and overdo it.  Running is a great stress reliever, isn't it?  It really helps my mood, and coworkers around me notice if I've run before I come to work.  It must be really noticeable.


        I'm running really slowly as well, but I think that's to be expected after a long layoff.  I'm actually running a 5 day/week couch-to-5K, trying to listen to my body to make sure it isn't too much, too fast...but I'd like to race a 5K in February or so to gauge my fitness.  I'd like to get faster than I was previously, but I have to be very careful not to irritate my iliotibial band in my right knee.

        Michele in NC


          Continued week 2 this morning. 


          The chilly air (38F) makes my cough that I have worse, so I probably woke up the whole neighborhood with my coughing fit at 5:30 am.  Hopefully this cold will let up soon (day 10 of it). 


          Still running 5x/week, listening to my body to make sure  it's not too much.  I want to get out backpacking in the Smokies by spring, so I need to exercise as many days as I am capable of. 

          Michele in NC


            Haha. 38 all winter would be a blessing up in WI. I thought I'd have more breathing trouble with cold air than I have so far. If and when it gets too cold--like, below zero maybe--I'll take it to an indoor track. But I'm digging the outdoors.


            Yay for week 2!

            Call me Ray (not Ishmael)

              Wisconsin...are you crazy? Shocked


              I guess, on the plus side, you can run easily during the summer.  I have to run in the wee hours of the morning in summer here...heat kills me.


              Continuing Week 2, day 4 of 5, still continuing with 90" run/90" walk for 20 min. My cold that I've had, now in its 11th day, is easing a bit so this run was a little easier because I could actually breathe without choking.


              I decided last night...why wait until spring?  I planned a backpacking trip for the week following Christmas---it's too aggressive, so I'll have to tone down the miles a bit, but it was fun to plan.


              Gotta get the menu written up today for Thanksgiving...daughter and boyfriend are coming to spend a couple of days with us and they are looking forward to home-cooked food...the pressure is on!

              Michele in NC


                Last day of week 2 for me today...was dragging a little bit, looking at my watch, but rest day tomorrow.

                Michele in NC


                  Hooray! Dragging happens. Point is to do it anyway, which you did. Nice work.


                  MTA: Starting my final week of C25K. Supposed to be today but it looks like it might not happen until tomorrow. Ah well. Life happens!

                  Call me Ray (not Ishmael)

                    Congrats on your final week!  That's super awesome.  If I remember correctly, the last week is a tough week.  Are you going to do a 5K to celebrate, or are you happy with running within yourself?  What are your plans for after the c25K?  Are you going to build mileage or stay at the same level?  I am trying to decide...I used to run half marathons, wondering if I should go for that again...I really enjoy long, slow distance.

                    Michele in NC


                      Thanks! No 5k for me for a while, methinks. First of all, I have a lot of stress in my life, so I really want to be running for me and not with race anxiety. Wink That, and I'm so so slow, I want to build a base and start getting a little faster before I do a race.


                      Next stop is OHR, then increasing to more days a week slowly slowly. I'm excited!

                      Call me Ray (not Ishmael)

                        That sounds like a great plan, Obie!


                        I'm so goal driven (Type A personality, much to my husband's chagrin!) that I have to have a race, goal mileage, or something like tha to shoot for, or I just peter out.  Hoping to stick with it...I'm alot older now than the last time I ran seriously, so I worry about how my body will hold up...I used to know it very well, but I'm 4 years older now and wonder if it has changed alot.  I'm overweight, too, so that doesn't help things out one little bit.  I worry that I need to lose the weight before I worry about testing myself against my former PR's at distance.  I've lost 30 pounds already, but the last 30-40 are going to be harder to lose!


                        Rest day for me today...felt weird to sleep in all the way to 6 AM this thought it was weird, too, and kept bothering me.  Dumb animal!

                        Michele in NC