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It will be cold next weekend... (Read 180 times)

    Untill now, temperature was around or slightly above 10° C (50° F), but from friday on, it wil drop to below 5° C (40° F). The wind will be 40-50 Km/h (25-30 mph), so it will feel even colder. The good news is, that I bought me some winter runningcloths a few weeks ago, that I haven't been wearing yet.

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      Hello Ann, I am fellow European (UK) and yes I note with fear that it will be cold and windy! SadI may have to do a run on the treadmill at my fitness club. The weather people said it would feel like -9C with the wind-chill factor so wrap up well. Wink
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        I can relate, Ann. I'm going running in a little more than an hour so basically at sunset. Out the door at 5:05pm, sunset is supposed to be 5:07. Temps at 3pm were 4*C (39*F) with wind NW 31kph, gusting to 41kph (19mph), making it feel like -1*C (30*F). I'm sure it'll be a little cooler by then. Normal daytime temp for this time of year is usually about -8*C (17*F) so I guess it could be worse. It's not bad once you get going. I find the first 1/4 to half mile can be a bit cool. Tongue

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          I did my first run on the treadmill tonight because of the weather. It's not the cold I mind so much but the winds here were strong also. Not only do we have to run against the wind which makes the run harder, but it feels a lot colder than it really is. The problem is the fitness center where I went is warmer than I like and I get overheated easy. I'm thinking I made need to bring a fan if I continue there, and only use it for when the weather is really bad.
            @iang999 & all4minagain: I think I'm not going for the treadmill. I'm really an 'outside'runner, and when I decide to go inside by the first hint of winter, I don't think I wll still be running at the end of january. No, I'm trying to find out what kind of cloths I do need, and then... off we go... @Meg : The temperatures that are predicted for next weekend, are quite normal by the end of november here in Belgium. The days seem to be as short in your area in Canada as here in Belgium, today sunrise was 08:05, and sunset is at 4:50 PM. I don't mind winter, and I 'don't mind the shortening days, but I'm always glad too when you noticing around end january, beginning of february, that the days really are a little longer again...

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              I know what you mean Ann about being an outdoor runner. I really didn't want to use a treadmill at all, and I don't think I like it, but I think I hate the cold and wind more, so we'll see what happens.
                My coldest run so far tonight. The temperature is 11 fahrenheit and with the wind chill its below zero. I almost chickened out and did the treadmill, but I figure it was only 2 miles tonight and I could handle it. Does anyone else think it's harder to run in the cold, like it takes more effort? It seems to for me and I can't figure out why. Maybe because I'm som bundled up, or I don't get warmed up adequately, even though I'm sweating.
                  Good you did it All4minagain! I have a run scheduled for this evening. This morning when I went to work it was raining, and ... (hailing??? don't have my dictionary here - those falling icecubes the size of a marble). Temperature then was 4*C, but in the course of the day it will further drop, and due to the strong winds it allready feels as below zero (but of course, 0*C is still 'warmer' than O*F). But... I kind of look forward to that run... I think it is the first time I will run in these circumstances: The first winter I was running, the weather was extremely mild - sometimes it was cold, but on my running days it was never cold AND raining AND windy, and last winter I haven't been running much. so tonight it will be quite a nex experience!

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                    LOL, falling icecubes! Your weather doesn't sound fun either. Ice can hurt when it hits you. And its bad enough to be cold, but if you are getting rained on too, you are going to freeze. You will be an icecube yourself by the time you get home!
                      It was not that bad after all... When I started, I saw a few twinkling stars, and thought it would be a dry run, but after only a mile it started to rain... And half way it started to rain harder... and the last half mile it had changed to melting snow. But the wind wasn't too bad, only during the last few hundred yards it blew right into my face and that didn't feel very good ;-). But I did enjoy that (short and easy) run. I didn't run since last Monday, because I had a terribly busy week at work with a meeting on Wednesday evening and I was on call since yesterday after work until this morning (luckily, they only called me to come over at 6:00 AM, so for the rest I had a rather undisturbed night.) DH thought I was mad, because I went out to run this evening, but I really felt like I needed it. And I enjoyed it... I really enjoyed it. The feeling to be able to just go out and run a few miles in rather bad weather, the sound of the rain on the leaves of the trees and on the water (I ran partly on a towpath along the nearby canal.) I feel good... I feel so good...

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