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    Ann-V: Here in Illinois, we don't have many hills, either. There are areas further out where I can find some hilly areas in the State Parks, but it's otherwise flat. I used to live in Nevada, so it was mountainous there, but I wasn't running back then. I'd guess that a half-marathon in the hills would be beautiful! Keep dreaming of can make it happen. Cool Ivanhurba: You are braver than I. When I got to W5D3, I was elated at finishing the 20 minutes, but I'm such a robot when it comes to following the program that I do what I'm told and no more, no less, for fear of stressing my body too much at once. Good job with the 34 minutes!!! Makes me wonder just how long I can go past the 25 I'm now doing in W7 (but I will resist for now). I knew just what you were talking about when you started your post. Big grin
      D2 of the last week (Start-2-run) One of those most fabulous runs... Last night was the first night we had frost over here, so it was a clear and crispy morning, promising a sunny autumn day. I walked to the canal, and than ran my 2 x 16 minutes. It was so beautiful. Lonely, only me, the trees, the water and the ducks. The sunbeams already reached the bank where I was running, but the water and the bank on the other side were still in the shades. Haze was rising from the water... The sun made the leaves turn golden, the forest trees on my bank were really glowing. (Our native trees are seldom red in fall, mostly yellow to orange. What you call 'Indian summer', was sometimes called 'Treezekes zomer' here in Belgium, meaning 'Theresa's summer'. Belgium is a rather catholic country, and half octobre there's the nameday of Saint Theresa) I think I will feel good for the rest of the day after such a run...

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        Ann, sounds like a perfect place to take some photos to keep for those winter days when it's hard to get out there. Remind you of the great times to run.

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        Three half marathons later, I got a number. Half Fanatic #9292. :)


          Well, I had a bit of a cold mid week Sad so today (Sunday) I gave W5D3 a go as I missed out W5D2. It worked out fine as I was able to manage the full 20 mins non-stop! Tired but happy Smile I also think I have reduced my massive weight by a couple of pounds, but it is early days yet and I don't want to read too much into that having read the thread about weight loss. However,remember that those of us with too much flab are having to carry this lot round on each and every training run. It is like a fit runner strapping a six-pack on their back! Good luck with the next week everybody Cool
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            i'm reading the galloway book now, and he says it's about 35mi of running to burn off 1 lb of fat. if you're running, you're removing the fat but the scale may not change for a good while because you're also building up muscles you've not had before and those have an even higher weight than the fat. my clothes look nicer on me and i feel great- even though the scale has barely moved. that's fine by me! congrats for getting out there in the cold. if you can get past an easy out like bad weather you know you're going to make it through and become a runner!
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