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What's your plan when you finish? Or what are you doing if you finished? (Read 378 times)


    I've signed up for a 5k once a month to keep me motivated. Right after I was done with C25K I looked into OHR, then decided to focus on miles rather than time to prep for those 5ks. I did the last half of the Hal Higdon beginner 5k, because the first half matched what I had been doing since ending C25K and the last half would bring me right up to race time. Then I started reading the Galloway book, and was trying to design a program of my own to gradually increase my mileage and have easy weeks built in for recovery. What I found is that the virtual trainer on runner's world gave me almost exactly what I'd been thinking of doing, but with speed work thrown into later weeks (it programs you a 16week course).,7148,s6-238-277-278-0-0-0,00.html I use the intervals of running/walking suggested for my training time on the galloway website just on long days where I'm running farther than I've gotten comfortable doing (3+mi). It seems like the more you run, the more you start to understand what your body needs and can do so you sort of need to do your own thing.
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      Now that I am finishing One Hour Runner, I think I will try the "Build Your Best Base" program on Runners' World -,7120,s6-238-267--12431-0,00.html It sounds like a good way to build strength and get ready to start a spring training program in February. Plus, having a schedule keeps me on track so I don't quit. MTA - changed the web address so it was a link!
      Goals: 1. Finish One Hour Runner Program 2. Train for and run a 10K in late winter 3. Run a half in late spring 4. Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco, Oct 2009
        I finished start-to-run (a scheme similar to C25K) in October, and then started a scheme 'from 5 to 10 K', that is 10 weeks just like OHR, but goes a little bit faster (has a a 60 min run in week 8 and goes up to 70 min). I'm now at week 6, so I hope to complete this before new year. I think I will stick at 10K for a few weeks, and then try the 'from 10 to 15K' scheme from the same book. (A Dutch (Belgian) one by Mieke Boeckx, pronounce 'Meekuh Books').

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          I should be finishing up with C25K next week, and then I'm going to keep up with 3x30 mins until after the New Year. I plan to start OHR on January 12th, which will be just after my first 5K.
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