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    I haven't been running last week. My last run was on saturday nov. 29th, and on sunday we visited my SIL in Brussels. We decided to go to the Christmas market in the city, but I must admit I wasn't wearing the best shoes for walking. On monday, I started to feel a slight aching in my right feed, only when I was walking, and at most when I walked down stairs. I couldn't figure out what could be the origin of the pain, but I decided to take it easy and not to run for a couple of days, and to wear other, more comfortable shoes. But on friday the pain was still there, and was even worse. Luckily, on saturday it seemed a little bit less, and on sunday I noticed the pain was only there when I tried to avoid it, i.e. by walking 'normal' I didn't feel anything, but the moment I thought I could go feel something, I slightly altered my gait, and yes, there it was... This morning the weather was beautiful: it was all clear, and everything was covered with a slight layer of frost. So around sunrise I decided to give it a try and to run... when it was painfull, I could returned immediately, and when it didn't.... OK, so after a light breakfast I put on my running cloths, and I ran for 54 minutes! I could have gone further, hadn't I felt that urge to find a toilet asap. (When I walk down the stairs, I still feel 'something' in my foot, but while running, I feel no pain at all, so I think I can conclude the pain has nothing to do with running.)

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      W8D3. That sucked beyond the telling of it. See, the last couple of weeks, the onset of Glaswegian winter (rain, black ice, more rain, cold, more rain... in its defence, the rain hasn't been so bad this year, but I value my legs too much to run on black ice) has pushed me back onto the treadmill. And, because it's bloody hot in the gym, I need water. Or my brain thinks my body needs water. Or I want water. Or something. Whatever, I can put my water bottle in the little hole next to the armr rest thingies, so I do. Except today, I forgot my water bottle, and, standing in front of the water bottle machine at the gym and thought. "Huh. They have stuff other than water. I could really go for something a little different today. Hey, their Powerade is cherry flavoured..." You can see where this is going. It turns out that Powerade while I'm running makes me nauseous. Really nauseous. I felt like crap the entire time, and when I got off the treadmill ended up dumping four-fifths of the bottle and refilling it with water. Water has never, ever tasted so good. So, I was a bit slower today than I have been, and the last eight minutes seemed like absolutely forever (although this is something that's worse on a treadmill anyway, because the freaking clock is right there), but the important thing is that I didn't quit. And now that I'm home and I no longer want to throw up, I still feel way better for having run than I would have done if I'd not run, nausea and all.
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        I had a really good run on the Saturday before last, then on the Tuesday when I would normally run I had some gut spasms at night. Ended up taking Thu & Friday off work it was so bad. So I was determined to run again last Saturday so it was no more than a week off. Well I did my statuary 30 mins but it was with 2 stops. Boy was I out of breath and looking at the fine detail it seems I went off too fast. So, on to tomorrow, a cold bright day is forecast with 12mph winds. Maybe a good day to run? I plan to but it will be 0 Deg C by 6PM. sefkhet, as you may know, we are all softies down south so even my 0 deg C temps may be too much for me! Update Tue 9 Nov: went out this evening, very cold (well about 0*C :rollSmile ), and managed to get all the way round in one session, no stops. Thanks for the clothing tips sefkhet, I had an extra layer on today and going as slow as I do means that more than half way round before I took off gloves and hat! So, it looks like I am back on track. I wil be happy to plod round 3 x 30mins for now.
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          iang999 -- gloves, hat, two shirts. Smile I'm spending Christmas with the family in Newcastle, where it will be cold and I won't have access to a gym, so it'll be running outside or nothing. I'm determined that it won't be nothing. So, layers. My flatmate just told me that I can't ever quit running because now she can sense my stress levels rise when I haven't for a couple of days and I've been a much nicer person to be around since I got home this evening compared to how I was toward the end of the weekend.
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            I can relate to the cold. I'd hope for -5*C for tomorrow's run, but I doubt I'll get it. Doesn't matter. I still need to get out there. The last two weeks have been my worst since I started running. I missed my third run for last week which I am NOT at all happy about. I'll be running just after sunset tomorrow (no other choice); forecast is calling for -17*C or 12*F with minimal wind. I need to go out for about 45 minutes to an hour. Here's hoping! Maybe we aren't having great runs but we are getting out there which is important. Better runs ahead for all of us, I'm sure! Wink

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              I haven't been running since thanksgiving Tongue I feel horrible but work and school are insane and I don't have the energy/time. I have one more week of finals and then I am going to readjust my schedule and get back out on the road!
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                Yesterday morning I woke up with a sore throat, and I didn't feel well at all. When I woke up this morning and I didn't feel any better, I thought I had to skip my run again, but during the day, everything seems to clear up and this evening I really wanted to run. And believe it or not, it was one of my best runs of the last few weeks!

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                  Wow - sounds like everyone is dealing with big challenges in their running life right now! Good for everyone finding ways to still get out there. And the cold that some of you are dealing with - brrr! We are having a weirdly dry winter so far in Oregon, so I haven't had soaking wet running shoes in weeks. My only adjustment has been running after work at my new job and racing to catch the bus afterward - I admit I haven't had time to stretch post-run. I started my last week of OHR today, and I think I'll hold steady on distance for a while. I am starting to be able to feel pain my knees and such, so I think my joints need more time to adjust before I add any more distance to my long runs. Good luck with your winter and holiday running, everyone!
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                    Hi Everyone ~ I've been gone awhile, but I wanted to pop in to say I am STILL running the OHR program (which by the way seems to be 'gone' from the internet by the way...the link on our homepage does not work anymore....) Anyway, I have 3 weeks to go, having done my longest run ever of 45 minutes straight this past weekend! I am still quite slow. In fact, I seem to be slower than I was back at the end of October! I think it's because my distance is increasing, so I naturally slow my pace down to go the distance. When I finish OHR at the end of the month, I am going to start running for distance instead of time. Because....I must be insane, but I just registered this week for the Cleveland Half marathon in May '09! I have 5 months to train...I'm sure I will walk some of the course, but that's ok with me, as long as I finish! ON the weight loss front...not much to report in terms of pounds - total lost since July is about 17 pounds, but I have dropped three dress sizes so I'm happy about that! Nice to see some new members here, even though it's a quiet time of year! Run on everyone!
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                      I DID IT!!! Okay, let me preface this by saying that when I was at school, I was the least sporty kid in the universe. I knew it, and, just in case I hadn't figured it out for myself, my teachers reminded me of it. Constantly. Sorry, but I still don't see the point of standing around in a muddy field with a hockey stick for hours on end. And, because there were plenty of kids in my class who both liked and were good at sports, they didn't see any reason to encourage me, which meant that I got the positions where no ball was ever going to come my way, which meant that I hated sports even more... It's a vicious circle. I liked swimming. I'd been a swimmer for years, but, at my school, they didn't think athletics was a real sport (real sports had to involve bats and balls and mud and 'teamwork' with people you hate) and so I got to do that maybe twice. I remember that we had one phys ed lesson that involved running, and that it involved me being made to run a mile around the track. I finished last. Dead last. So last that my teachers and classmates mocked me about it for weeks. That kind of turned me off running. All of my school reports from phys ed teachers told my parents that I couldn't do sports, was unfit, and didn't make an effort in class. There was a very "look, no, you can't, so don't even bother trying, because you'll just waste our time when we could be dealing with these talented people" attitude. Today was my W9D1 of C25K. I ran for 30 minutes, I felt good at the end of it, and the whole point of this very longwinded post is to say this: YES, I CAN!
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                        @sefkhet: Congrats! So good you did it... I can feel your satisfaction... felt it myself when I finished C25K. I just ran 5K (just a training run, not a race Big grin), and should be able to finish W6 of OHR on monday. I still think it must be possible to reach 250K by the end of this month.

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