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    It's been a while since I posted here, but I ran my first 5K race on Saturday. 


    I've been slacking on my running the last month, so I was a little worried.  The course was a lot hillier than I had imagined.  It was so steep at parts ended up walking parts of it.  Also my Garmin watch decided not to turn on that day, so I had no clue of my pace during the race.  I ended up finishing with a time of 40:52.  Which is about a full minute faster than my neighborhood 5K time that is way flatter than the race.  I must have really been moving on the flat and downhill parts.  During the run I the uphill parts were so tough, I thought I was going to be closer to an hour time.  Even if I had been running regularly I don't think it would have helped me on the hills.


    Overall the experience was fun.  My uncle did the race with me and he finished in 44th with a time of 26:00.  I ended up finishing 195 out of  253.  Now I have an official time of my own to beat, and my first bib to hang on the wall.

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      DF - Nice race report and way to go on setting your first of many PRs!  Hills are killers, but it sounds like you have the hang of it.  Smile

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        Nice job Dig! That's two minutes faster than my first 5k, not that current PR is much faster! LOL I did my first barefoot 5k Sat. One of the Merrel Naked Foot 5k races they are sponsoring. Lots of fun.

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