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    I know I could ask this on the big board, but I'm going to ask here instead. I'm still early in this but I'm really enjoying it. I'm reading the posts here and on the big board and I'm feeling a bit clueless. Right now, I'm running by time. I don't know my heart rate numbers (not sure what numbers I need and how to calculate) and I don't have a formal way to measure distance. (I'm going by the numbers the city cites for the bike path I run on so my numbers are close.) Clowning around So at what point did you (or did you?) get any tech gear to help track that stuff? What was your first gear? Wink

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      Personally I'm not big on HR monitors, I just go by the "if you can hold a conversation while doing it youre ok method" lol. Also I use Google Pedometer to see the distance I have run. So far the most tech stuff I have gotten is a Zune but have been thinking about possibly getting a Garmin sometime in the pretty near future.

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        I started with a Polar F11 watch which gave me heart rate zones and times and I could wear it to the gym and in the pool. Now that I'm on OHR, I wanted to be able to track distance better and control my pace outside, so I took advantage of REI's Garmin sale a few weeks ago and bought the 305. I love it!


          I bought a Polar F11 shortly after finishing C25K. Frankly, I only wear it ocassionally to track my HR. I think I expected that it would set my running HR zone and that I would be able to stick to it Smile I think that we have plenty of time to learn what exactly is the experienced runners are talking about. There is an RA group for people who train at low HR. There are a few interesting links in there, including what HRs you should be running at for maximum benefit, according to the experts in that field. I measure my distances after I finish, using Google maps. I used to have a Nike + foot pod (my first gear), however, everytime I calibrated it, it went bonkers, so it was a bit pointless to use it. Although I'd like to know my pace as I am running, i don't think I'm ready for anyhing larger or more complex than the F11, which I still haven't utilised to its full potential Smile

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            Hi, Meg. I went the longest time with no other gear than running shoes and a watch. I'd even driven my routes to see how far they were. Wink Now, I have a GPS that I use maybe 1/10 runs, an heart rate monitor I use about 4/5 runs, and an MP3 player I use about 4/5 runs as well. I like to mix it up and say, "Hm... how do I want to go running today?" But everyone's different. Big grin

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              I started out with a Heart Monitor and a chronometer (Ironman Timex 50-lap Watch) I kept HR under 60% for the first several weeks. Then I bought a Gymboss for walk/run double timers (more Galloway than C25K) and walk/jog'd according to timers But now I use a Garmin 305 and I walk/jog again acccording to HR and the Gymboss. I walk the walk timer, then jog the jog timer until my HR alarm goes off, then I walk the remainder of the Jog portion and then walk the walk-timer segment, and so on and so forth. So it's more Galloway Walk/Jog, but it's reduced according to my HR alarm screaming at me. Wink

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                I don't use anything to track my HR at the moment. My treadmill has one of those things that's supposed to be able to monitor it, but it tends to be flakey, like telling me my HR was 45 after a 5 minute run. Thankfully, it can at least track distance decently. I initially bought my shoes specifically because they're the Nike+ kind that can track distance and stuff, but it turned out my Ipod Touch is too old to use with it. When I finish the c25k, I've told my husband I'm getting a Garmin as a reward.

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                  After completing the C25K I treated myself to a Garmin 301. For a while I did not bother with the HR monitor but when I did I found that I was training way too high out of the 'comfort' zone. However, despite really trying hard to go slow own I have not managed to bring the rate down by much so I tend to abandon it and use the GPS which is a fantastic way of measuring the distance and pace. So, the conclusion is that they can be useful but with the bother of the chest strap, making sure it is damp before it is put on and actually having the ting clamped to my chest I feel better off without it! Just my 2 cents.. Cool
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