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    With only 7 official runs left for C25K (woo hoo!), I'm starting to think ahead to 'what's next'... I'm going to run my first 5K (low key community type race) on October 19th, for the experience and to just finish it. Then, Thanksgiving Day will be a Turkey Trot with hopefully an improved time. Then through the winter I will work on improving my 5K time and plan for a few more 5K's in the spring. Maybe even shoot for a 10K by Mid May? (Thinking Cleveland Rite Ait Marathon/Half/10K) Is that do-able? So do I move to One Hour Running after this, or do I find a plan that helps me to improve my 5K time / speed overall? I still consider myself a 'beginner' so I am not sure what to do next, but I do need a plan. Some plans include speed training, intervals, hills, fartleks etc. - all designed to make you faster, but then the OHR program seems to be pretty much just continued sustained running? Any suggestions based on my goals and the fact that I'm still very much a beginner? I don't want to hurt myself or burn out! A longer term goal for me is to meet up with one of my new blogger friends at the Detroit Free Press 1/2 Marathon in October 09 - a little over 1 year from now. I don't see myself doing a full marathon ever (but then again, never thought I could run at all!), but 1/2 marrathon seems a challenging but potential goal! I would be happy with that as an ultimate accomplishment. Sorry this rambled on, but anyway, just looking for some suggestions from some of the grads I guess - What Is Next? Thanks!
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      signing up for races is a great idea- i knew those would inspire me to keep going too. as far as continued training, i'm really liking the podrunner intervals. i'm doing "freeway to 10k", which is like an interval version of OHR. i missed the interval part of C25K when it was over because the mental block of "gotta run 30 min in a row" slowed my run down considerably. i know that hal higdon has a slew of training programs for every distance at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. so if you wanted to focus on just improving your 5k time, that's where i'd go to start. just keep it going! MTA- did you ever think, 9 weeks ago, that you'd call a half marathon a viable goal? you've come a long way, baby!!
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        I finished C25K in early July. I did a 5K race in early August and have another 5K next weekend. Next spring, I want to try my first 10K. I'm thinking HM in Fall 2010. I didn't go to another formal training program after C25K. I do runs of varying time (30 to 45 minutes usually) and varying distance. I'm getting longer and further. I think the keys are... * be consistent and keep running * continue to listen to your body; it will tell you if you are doing too much * keep the 10% guideline in mind and don't increase more than that per week for distance If you think you might want to do a half next fall, keep running over the winter and see how you feel in the spring. Smile

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