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    Hi, I only discovered this forum yesterday so I'm joining a bit late in my C25K journey Smile I started my C25K on the 11th Feb and I'm heading off soon to do my week 8 day 3 run. I've never ever been a runner, so my enjoyment and achievement at this has been a huge surprise and massively motivational. I am 25kg (55lbs) overweight, so I'm probably a scary sight out running, but I don't care Big grin I'm excited that the C25K finish line is so close and I'm starting to obsess over what to continue with. I think I'll move on to the OHR as that way I'll actually get to the 5K distance.... I'm a bit slow to finish 5K in 30 minutes.

    One day I decided I wanted to become a runner, so I did.

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      Welcome!!! Congrats on your're almost there! Big grin

      Finish C25K

      I'm slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter, but I run.


        How cool. Congrats to you!!!!
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        Loves the outdoors

          Thanks Smile I made it! The C25K is amazing - I can't believe how great it has made me feel to finish this. Something I never thought I'd be able to achieve.

          One day I decided I wanted to become a runner, so I did.