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Week 1, Day 1 - How hard was it? (Read 647 times)

    I'm curious how everyone else responded to week 1, day 1?


    I started today, after having been VERY sedentary for the past few years. (VERY SEDENTARY! I was a truck driver up until a week and a half ago; so literally the only exercise I got was walking from the truck to the truck stop...) In preparation, for the last two weeks I've been walking at least 45 minutes a day at a pretty good pace.


    There was NO WAY I could have held a conversation during my work out, even though I was moving PAINFULLY slow! But, I completed it. And I feel great afterwards!


    So how did the first day and even the first week go for you?




      Ya, pretty much like that.  It took me about three weeks to figure out that even though I thought I was slow that I needed to slow down even more.  You might be running at your walking pace... or even slower... to start.  Everybody starts from a different place.  It doesn't mean that you'll have to be "that slow" forever... just that your body needs an extra gentle start.  And that's okay - as long as you're moving forward, you're moving in the right direction!  Welcome aboard!

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        I thought I was going to die that first day.  That was 2 years ago this Saturday.  On August 2 of this year I did my first half marathon.  It does get easier.  Just keep it very slow to start - you need to be able to talk while you run.  if you can't, you are going too fast.  Good luck!

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          It sucked.  I sucked.  It's what, 60 seconds of running?  And I'd be there staring at the timer on the treadmill after 30 seconds and hoping that I didn't collapse and and die before the podcast told me I could walk again.


          I also started off insisting that my running pace needed to be faster than my walking pace, which wasn't good either.  A marathoner friend of mine just kept drilling it into my head that I'll run at my own pace and no one else's (he still won't tell me what his typical pace is because he doesn't want me pushing myself too hard and then either getting hurt or getting pissed at myself because I'm not fast), and eventually it stuck and I slowed down a bit. 


          I don't think I'll win any races with my 15 minute mile, but that's still a damned lot better than most people can do.

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            What I did was to walk for a couple of months.  Then I sort of had to learn to run.  I am 70, and had not run for 50 years!    I started with 25 steps, and then 50, and then 75.  You get the idea!   I started at a very low level, but kept at it.  I started the C25K at about that level.  I did Ok in week and inweek two, but had to repeat week three.  Week four was repeated also, and I was 2 months on week 5!   After that, no problems.  The key is to keep at it three or four times a week.   Do your best every day, but also listen to your body.  Best of luck!!!!    Woods Lady

              Thanks everyone! I've determined that I think I pushed too hard the other day, because talking was NOT an option during the running segments.


              I'm set to do Day #2 tomorrow morning, and this time I'm going to take my run VERY slowly. I was going a little bit faster than my walk, but that about killed me...




                Hey, Jac!


                How's it going now?

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                  I myself just did W1D1 yesterday and wanted to ask this very same question, so I'll get this thread going again!


                  Is it just me, or did anyone else only realize how hard you're wokring when you slow back down to walking.  I was kinda okay during the running part but then when I slowed back down(I use a music mix that tells you when), I was like WHOA! I'm about to pass out! 

                    I just recently started a run/walk thing again, after having been off running for several months.  And I was like, WOW - this is tough!


                    Reminded me of when I started running.


                    And I thought that was hard then too.


                    Best advice I got for ya is to assume that you're running the running part too fast and tell you to slow down.  Almost everybody runs the running part too fast when they start out. 


                    And it gets easier... and better... the longer you do it.  Welcome to your journey of running!

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                      Exactly what Wingz said.  Don't run too fast during the run part.  Don't bite off more than you can chew.  Just follow the program and if need be, you can repeat days or weeks.  If your body isn't used to running, it's going to be hard, but in a couple of weeks, you'll look back and think , "Wow...remember when week 1 was tough?  I can kick week 1's butt now!"  Good luck and have fun!

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                        As has been said elsewhere (and I'll get it wrong for sure, but the thought is the same), "run slow, run lots, run slower". I finished c25k in early Oct 08. Didn't learn that until after injuring myself in the spring of 09. Found Jeff Galloway's run/walk approach and started run 1 min, walk 1 min and it helped me heal and eventually run a half marathon on 11/8, with second one on thanksgiving morning 11/26. Run slow, pace will come as you build aerobic capacity and get body used to being on its feet.


                        Welcome aboard!

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                          So, I'm basically starting over...

                          Got sick on Christmas Eve(at which point I was in the middle of W1), and am just now able to breathe again!  How discouraging!  But I'm ready to get back on track.  Just wanted to say that I'm still here!

                            Glad that you are feeling better!  glad that you are still hanging in even after being sick. I'm on week 4 and it gets better each week. Good luck!

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                              keep at it. Its feels great when your done and have that accomplishment behind you. I continue to be amazed at how c25k helped fall in love with running.

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                              2014 goals: keep on running! Is there anything more than that?

                              Complete the last 3 races in the Austin Distance Challenge, Rogue 30k, 3M Half, Austin Full

                              Break the 1000 mi barrier!

                              History: blessed heart attack 3/15/2008; c25k july 2008 first 5k 10/26/2008 on 62nd birthday.

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                                It took me months (yes) to be able to run for 60 seconds in a row.

                                So I was at Pre-Week-1 for months until I could complete it


                                I had to walk for 5 weeks, and then started with

                                Jog  5 seconds (walk 55 seconds)

                                stayed there a week and then progressed to

                                Jog  10 seconds (walk 50 seconds)

                                stayed there a week and then progressed to

                                Jog 15 seconds (walk 45 seconds)

                                stayed there 2 weeks I think, and then progressed to

                                Jog 20 seconds (walk 40 seconds)


                                and so on and so forth


                                But I just finished my first Half Marathon, about 14 months after my first Walking Day


                                Slow Easy my own pace...really worked well for me.


                                And I STILL haven't completed C25K yet !

                                I've only run 5 minutes at a stretch so far, and mostly only 4 minutes

                                Run 4, Walk 1...Run 4, Walk 1....Run 4, Walk 1...repeat, repeat, repeat


                                What week am I up to now, at 14 months I wonder ? ? ?

                                [...I just's Week #5 already .... yay me...!...]..