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    MoonStar - I'm wondering if maybe you're trying a bit too hard on the crosstraining thing? Big grin Your aerobic fitness is improving with the running, but that doesn't mean you're sport-specific trained yet. Biking uses different muscles, as you've discovered. Gardening uses different muscles. Swimming uses different muscles. If your cross-training is interfering with your running, you might want to consider easing up a bit on it. Then again, that's just my running-bias talking... Wink

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      runswithdogs, I intend to keep my same pace: slow-motion with a side of slug. Tongue Thank you! I thank my knees, too. Smile Wingz, can I annoint you as a personal cheerleader if and when I sign up for a 5k? Big grin I'm WAY stubborn as it is, and once I latch onto something, it's like a vice grip. While finishing C25K is NOT negotiable to me, the length it takes to finish is indeed flexible. You are right, and thanks!! Have a good Sunday all, I'm off to a banquet. I really hope there's not too much to tempt me there. Ha! Who am I kidding? Happy running!
      Couch to 5K support group! Short-term goals: - Sub 35 5K - Complete my 16-week 10K training plan.
      Long term goals: - Sub 30 5K. - Compete in a 5K. - Train for a triathlon. - Compete in a 10K.
        MoonStar - I found this article on beginning Tri-training over on Shape magazine's website. Thought you might be interested: It includes a sample training schedule. goddess9, of course I'll be happy to cheer... but I'm in NC. You might want to find one closer to home. Wink Plus, I'll bet you'll find a lot of your fellow C25K'ers would be delighted to cheer you on too! Big grin That's why we're here!

        Roads were made for journeys...


          hey wingz what part of nc are you in?
            Raleigh. Big grin You?

            Roads were made for journeys...


              Wingz - As you may remember I always liked dance, and I mistakenly thought the "zuumba" class which was advertised as latin/international dance type workout would be more dance than aerobics. Not going back there again. Did short 5.6 mi bike ride with D Sat. am despite the calves. Wellpatch menthol patches didn't help at all today, so am either going to swim or walk tomorrow unless they are better on D's recommendation. Hard to figure out what uses the same muscles or not unless I try. Yes, I know it should be more obvious to me, but we didn't really cover sports specific muscle use... Regular biking wasn't as hard as the hydrorider class - but I don't think I usually pedal as hard as I did on the hydrorider. When I have gone with D we usually go around 11mph or so. D and I are going to do the Morning Glory again this year - but with out V who said he doesn't want to go. Thanks for the website - I'll check it out. Goddess9 - what were you doing instead of running when you lost the weight?