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    Hello everyone.  I'm very new to running, and started the Couch to 5K program last Monday.  Today I finished Week 2. 

    I'm obese (wow, that hurts when I write it down like that), and ballooned up to 263 pounds during my first year in nursing school.  Now that it is summer, I'm trying to shed some of it and eventually get back down to a healthier weight.


    On September 16th is the Race for the Cure in Portland, Oregon.  I had planned on going because my sister is a breast cancer survivor.  Last year, I did the 5K walk and my sister's husband suggested that we do the 5K run the next year.  I planned on it, but gave up on the idea after gaining about 40 pounds.  Then, a couple weeks ago, when looking for the resistration site, I accidentally found out about the Couch to 5K program.  Something clicked and I thought "What do I have to lose?"


    So, now I'm here, outing myself probably more for the sake of holding myself accountable and having a little more pressure to succeed.  There have been a couple of hard days already, but adjusting my pace has helped immensely after reading some tips on various forums.  So, here I am, hoping to glean more wisdom and good vibes from a group that has been there and done that.


    Thanks for having me!

    On the road again...

      Great job on finishing week 2!  I added your name to the list so now you can see yourself on the charts!  Woo-hoo!!


      Keep at it.  You'll be amazed at your progress from week to week.

      I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

        well...welcome Rainwind!


        congratulations on gettting out the door.  The C25K program works well,   If you have a smart phone, the Ease into 5K program as well as Runmeter works great at keeping you on track and on program.


        have a great week!

          rainwind - Congrats on finishing W2!  The program works and provides a low risk to injury method to work up to 5K or 30 minutes of continuous running.  At the conclusion of the program you should be much fitter!  While you may experience weight loss, it's unlikely to be significant through C25K alone.  I would recommend considering what you might do to improve your eating as well.  You can do this!  Best of luck.


            Thanks everyone!


            I've totally changed my eating already and have lost a significant amount already.  I never considered running as a weight loss plan, but it certainly doesn't hurt to add it to the changes I'm making.  It also helps to have a goal of running a 5k to keep me focused on moving forward.  Funny thing is, as difficult as this is some days, I feel great afterward and am excited to make improvements.  Bought a real pair of running shoes yesterday and couldn't be happier.  I think this could become an obsession.

                Bought a real pair of running shoes yesterday and couldn't be happier.  I think this could become an obsession.


              The ONLY reason to run is have an excuse to buy new running shoes...Joking

              Petco Run/Walk/Wag 5k

                rainwind: welcome to RA and C25K! I completed it in late 2008 and haven't looked back. Helped me fall in love with running a real surprise to me. I also lost 15lbs in the first year, but gained some back when we moved to Austin and partook of all the good restaurants here a bouts! But it still lets me eat more than I should as well as helping control blood pressure and cholesterol. Initially it also allowed me to have an excuse to buy and try new running shoes. Haven't done that as much in the last 2 years since migrating to mostly barefoot and occasional minimal shoes. Did buy a pair of Saucony Hattori's about 7 months ago and use them on occasion. Good luck on the obsession. Hope to monitor your progress and encourage you to keep going here on RA




                bob e v

                bob e v
                2014 goals: keep on running! Is there anything more than that?

                Complete the last 3 races in the Austin Distance Challenge, Rogue 30k, 3M Half, Austin Full

                Break the 1000 mi barrier!

                History: blessed heart attack 3/15/2008; c25k july 2008 first 5k 10/26/2008 on 62nd birthday.

                  Welcome rainwind....

                  As for Bobev, buying running-shoes isn't a valuable excuse for me anymore, as I'm transitioning to barefoot running...


                  But the distances I run at this moment are shorter than what you are doing now: I fell of the bandwagon in April, and I'm starting again - completely barefoot now until it'll be too cold here.


                  I'm sure you can do the race on September 16th, but maybe you should consider to run/walk it?


                  C25K is a great program... and I plan to start doing it again from next week on too.... (At this moment, I'm just running short stretches of a few hundred yards, just to get used to the different form of running.)

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