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Week of 4/26-5/02 (Read 526 times)

    ! I did the 20 minute run today (week 5 day 3). Big grin !
    Way to go! And just think, if you know the secret to running for 20 minutes ... you know the secret for running 30 minutes ... and that means you have C25K in the bag ... you just need to execute your plan (including repeat weeks when you want) so that you get there injury free.

    You Are Beautiful.

      Gonna try to run today. Smile Hoping for week 7 day 1. We shall see.


      It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop. Confucius
      Be patient and tough, some day this pain will be useful to you. Ovid

      You'll learn to let things go. 


        Yeah Kwikstop. Congrats! Everyone is doing great this week. I have not run ALLLLL week. Sunday I rode my bike so I thought on Tuesday I'd run. Tuesday I felt like total crap. Wednesday I walked for an hour with a friend. Thursday it POURED rain. Not light rain like I've run in twice. Friday, it POURED off and on all day. Today? I walked in a 5k event. My week wasn't a total loss. I did walk two times, and both walks were great workouts. Tomorrow morning.............W5D1. I'm paying close attention to those of you who have completed that 20 minute run. This will be my second round of week 5.
        2009 goals Complete C25K Run my first 5k Run another 5k Cycle a half century Cycle EVERY week
          Yay kwikstop! Congratulations! Shocked Are you running outside or on a TM?
          I run outside Big grin Mostly sidewalk and a little bit of dirt or grass here and there.