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    I've started C25K multiple times over the years and even finished it twice but this is the first time I've done the OHR program. I'm in week 4 and this will be the first week I go beyond 30 minute runs. I've run up to 50 minutes in the past when I was trying to do MAF training but it's been a couple of months and I was running slower then i walk. I'm slow to begin with so basically I was just marginally not going backwards when I was trying MAF. Right now I'm averaging about a 13 minute mile when I do the 30 minutes so I'm not even up to 3 miles yet but I'm hoping the added time and distence will help with the speed. Is anyone else doing OHR right now?

      Where is the OHR info, how to, etc? Thank you! Smile
        FrancesR- check out the FAQ here: I'm planning on trying this out after my 5k on mother's day. Right now I'm holding steady running 30+ minutes. mjwithtwins- we're at similar paces - my easy runs are at 12:33/mile... I can do a 5k in ~37min. I'll let you know when I start the OHR in earnest.

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          Hi, mjwithtwins. We've got a couple people who were signed up for the OHR program, but they've not updated since Febuary so I don't know if they're still at it or not. Sefkhet and olivars22 were both doing OHR as of Febuary. I went ahead and put you on our graph at week 4 of OHR. If you'd like to see your progress on the graph, whenever you change a week, go to and put in your username, week, and OHR. The graph displays on the home page of this group. Smile

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