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    Hi everyone!! I am sort of a newbie to the C25K. I ran/walked an 8K last year at the VA Beach Shamrock and loved it. Had surgery the next month and didn't run again. Today will be my first W1D1 run and I am hoping to pull my 14yo son along with me...well he'll be pulling me along probably... he runs all the time in football practice at least 3 miles a day soooo I'm hoping he'll be an encouragement. Smile Is anyone else in week 1? Looking forward to meeting everyone!!

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      Welcome to the group! I'm not on week one, but we do have new people joining us here all the time. This group is really supportive and you'll be surprised how soon you progress! Smile

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        Hi turtlechick! Congratulations on starting the program. I'm such a fan as it seems like magic in how easy it is to progress quite literally from sitting on the couch to being a runner! I'm just starting week four and was really happy with how nicely my week three went. Each run was just enough of a challenge to remind me that I'm doing something new - but easy enough to be amazed that I was doing that much better than the week before in terms of time running and distance covered. This group is a great place to come for inspiration and support.
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          Hi Turtlechick! Welcome, I'm sure you'll find lots of support and motivation here. Join in the weekly thread often so you can boast about update us on how you're doing!