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    Hi! My name is Jenna and I am 23 yrs old and new to running! I posted a topic in the "Running 101" group and got referred to the C25K group by CanadianMeg (Thanks!). Just a little run down on me...I played sports all my life and would consider myself a pretty athletic person, even though I have always hated running! Trying to keep a good workout regimen to stay in shape after having it mandatory daily in high school has been a very up and down road for me. I would go through periods during and after college where I would go to the gym consistently for a couple weeks to a month, and then would slowly go back to not working out at all. My goals for working out in the past have always been to lose weight, for I have had a constant struggle with weight issues all my life. It has been in the past few weeks that I have really noticed all the people that I know that are "runners", how all of those people are people I look up to and are motivated by not only because of their running endurance, but because of how they look life, treat people, and mostly treat themselves. You can tell a major difference in those that are run on a consistant basis, and the thing is they are just people like you and me! You see the stories of people that were extremely obese and took up running and it completely changes their life. If they can do it, and the people I know personally can do it...then heck, why aren't I! So here I am...ready to get off the couch and in need of support and motivation to keep it going!

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      WohooO! Nice to see you here! This program is great, especially since you know a ton of runners. This will keep you from going too fast. Tempting when you know a ton of runners I'm sure. Smile So where are you from? I'm Canadian obviously. I'm north of the Montana-ND border. Smile

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        welcome to the group oujenna! you'll find a lot of support here Cool
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          Haha, Meg is the recruiter for this group. She got me here, and whoa! Shocked Welcome! I'm looking forward to hearing about your progress. Runners really ARE just normal people. I have no idea why people tend to think runners need to look a certain way, or that they act a certain way but it's such a large spectrum. I mean, if I can be a runner...oh boy. Wink
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          Long term goals: - Sub 30 5K. - Compete in a 5K. - Train for a triathlon. - Compete in a 10K.

            I am so glad I found this site! I live in Tulsa, OK...a little south of Canada, haha. Now I need to go get some new runnin' shoes!
              oujenna, I'm pretty new, too, so...Welcome from a fellow newbie! I did Week 1 Day 2 today and will finish Week 1 on Friday. It's a lot easier than I thought it would be, probably because in past attempts to run without any guidance I started off too fast and too hard and figured it would never be my thing. Dare I say I'm hooked already, only a few calendar days in? Blush In just a week I've found that this is a great place for finding out about running from a lots of friendly people who have been in your shoes and are willing to cheer you on.

                Congrats! Well I am excited there is someone else that is JUST starting too! Is there a place to blog about your progress on this site? Or are you doing it on your personal blog site?

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                  Welcome!!! Big grin

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                    Congrats! Well I am excited there is someone else that is JUST starting too! Is there a place to blog about your progress on this site? Or are you doing it on your personal blog site?
                    You'll find a new thread started here every week for people to log post about their runs. The title is usually something like "Weekly updates: Sept 7-13" and everyone uses it. You'll love the positive feedback you'll get as you update us on your progress. If you haven't already done it, you can use the training logs to keep up with your runs. It might take a couple of times to really get it down, but you'll love the feature. There is a section at the end of each entry for notes about your run, too. If you choose to, you can make your log public so others can see how you're doing. Welcome to the C25K group! We are the best group here, and now you're one of us! Big grin

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                      Oujenna, personally I log my progress on my training log on this site and talk about it on my blog, which is just a bare-bones journal of what's going on in my little C25K world. The blog is my way to tell friends, family and visitors how I'm doing. For the log here, you can go into your options and log preferences to set your workout types to what you need them to be (I followed what someone else did by making them C25K Week 1, 2, 3, etc.), and you can also pick the colors for them, which is fun. I just fill in the basic info for each day, like time, distance, route (treadmill for me), etc.