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    Our lovely Wingz (who offers immensely useful advice to us in this forum) suggested I start this thread back when I finished C25K, but it is only now when I'm getting around to do it. The idea is to add our experiences as we progress through the program. Hopefully they'll be helpful for those starting or in need of motivation and support Cool Here are some of the things that I learned: Big grin * Start from W1D1, take YOUR time. Do not compare yourself to others. * If you can't hold a conversation, slow down. You'll be better off for it, your joints will thank you and you are less likely to burn out. * The goal of the program is to run. This was the most difficult thing for me, to get my mind around the end and purpose of what I was doing. * With each stage you complete sucessfully, you'll most likely to be physically ready for the next stage. But if after trying, you just can't, then continue on what you're doing for a couple more days. * Some weeks I had two days in between runs, I found that sometimes I needed the rest. Sometimes I had other things to do, but I was not prepared to go any longer without. * Running is a mind game. Do not beat yourself up for what you're not doing, it will make it so much harder! Give yourself a pat on the back when you finish each run. Smile to yourself, see yourself light and above the challenge. Cheers!

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      I learned that I can do more than my mind would have me think. Shut off the mind and let the legs carry you through.

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        Having an off day where you have to walk when you don't want to still is better than being on the couch. At least YOU had the ambition to go out and try!

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          If you can stick it out to finish the 9 weeks, it will be a habit and you'll probably keep running. It's easy to get distracted by worrying about being slow when you read posts on RA, but just remember that runners run and commiting to C25K is an accomplishment in itself.

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            Good habits build slowly and steadily. Using this program is so much better than just pushing myself to get out there and run for 25 minutes and walking when I finally couldn't keep it up any more. I like the way the walk breaks are built into the, instead of feeling like walking was "cheating," this is just built into my plan! Oh, and running in a skirt is the best!

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              Okay, now that I'm done with both C25K and OHR, here's a list of some things I've picked up along the way: 1. Good shoes are definitely worth it. 2. Blow your nose and put on chapstick before leaving. 3. Dump the dirt out of your shoes before you put them on. 4. Double tie your laces. 5. Pee before you leave. Better yet, poop before you leave. 6. If you feel like you have to pee after being out there for 15 minutes, ignore it and the feeling will most likely pass. You can pee when you get home. 7. Run slow. 8. Take little steps. Take a lot of them. 9. It’s not all mental and it's not all physical. Both parts of you have to get used to this. 10. Have all your running stuff put in one spot in advance so when it's time to go you aren't wandering around looking for the right pair of shorts or socks. 11. Go for a walk on the days you don't run, so you're consistent about getting out there. 12. The “zen” approach works (not paying any attention to pace or distance). So does a more analytical approach, if that's your thing. 13. Rest days are good. It's also okay to run two days in a row if you need to. It's also okay to take 3 days off if you need to. Or more. 14. It's okay to repeat days or weeks if you need to. It might be the best decision you could make. 15. You can do more than you think you can. But maybe not as soon as you think you ought to be able to.
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                Don't skip weeks! And don't feel bad if you have to repeat a week. I repeated week 6 after missing a couple runs and felt way better going into week 7.

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                  It's not supposed to be easy. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Big grin

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                    You're not going to die during the 90 second runs. You're not going to die during the 3 minute runs. Or the 5 minute runs. And chances are really, really good that you're not going to die during the 20 minute runs, either, so just go.

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                      I believe the acronym we love here is HTFU. Just do it, basically. Stop griping, start running. C25k has taught me that lesson; it's easy to do nothing. Anything worth doing takes effort. SO worth doing! The other pearl of wisdom is this: runners run. Honestly, it's that simple. If you want it to happen, it'll happen. Nothing can motivate you outside of your own brain.


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                      Be patient and tough, some day this pain will be useful to you. Ovid

                      You'll learn to let things go. 

                        Hey, Neauseous, do you have a date yet for your 10K?    You can do it!   Don't forget, you just need to run what you can, and walk when you have to for the shortest time you need,   You don't have to finish C25K in order to out and do these races. Woods Lady