Couch to 5K and One Hour Runners


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Princess Cancer Pants

    C25k rocks! Started it a little over a year ago...and here I am, HM under my belt and 25k in just over 3 weeks. Next year I plan to train for my first full marathon. Had I not discovered this program (and RA) I am certain I wouldn't be running still today, much less setting such lofty goals for myself. Smile k

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      This group has arrived at a good time for me. Thanks for putting it together! I've decided I went about my running career backwards. Having never run before, I decided to train for the 2006 Chicago Marathon (using the Galloway method). I trained some, didn't really follow the program, and completed 17 miles during the marathon itself, which was disappointing. So, I decided to train more consistently for the Country Music Half Marathon (in just over a week!). I'm feeling much better about my preparation for this race (having completed both a 12 and a 14-mile long run) and feel sure I will complete the half. However, I still run REALLY slowly and I'm a little tired of training for such long distances. So I've decided that after the half next weekend, I'm going to start the C25K program and work up to consistent running, shooting for a 10 min/mile pace. I suspect, as I am a heavier runner, that this will take longer to achieve, but I am prepared to put in the time and energy this summer. I'm also hoping this will shift my weight loss off this plateau into a higher gear! So that's my story. Why are the rest of you here? Carol
        My local Y started a training group for triathlons. I joined up but have always hated running (used to make me literally break out in hives!) I found this site, started reading up on the forums, found out that the itching meant I was really out of shape, and have worked enough to get past it! I actually like running now, just wish I could RUN more than WALK!! Sad I did complete my first ever 5K a couple of weeks ago, at a snails pace of 34 minutes, but I was thrilled to walk/run through it. I need a little more accountability on following the running part of my training, so here I am! Wink
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