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Running, Week Ending 12/19 (Read 288 times)

    Good (bitterly freezing cold) morning, everyone!


    Got in a 23 min run this morning, week 6 day 1 (modified)...not going back to walk breaks, sorry!  I'll do this workout again tomorrow, then again on Thursday or Friday.  Then I'll be back on plan this weekend for week 6 day 3, the 25 min run.  Stayed at the same distance for 2 weeks, so now I finally ran an extra block and back this morning to increase my daily distance a total of 0.2 mi.

    Michele in NC


      Ran again today, since yesterday was a bust. Went much better. Even did some slightly faster running to get around gaggles of slowly walking girls. Felt strong.

      Call me Ray (not Ishmael)

        Ran again this morning, finished day 2 of week 1.  Felt good to be out in the cold! 

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          I'm glad someone is enjoying the cold, eyedoc!  I, for one, am a southern girl and am sick of this cold weather already.


          Good running,'s nice to pass people, get a rush out of it!  Haven't done much passing lately...closer to passing out!  lol


          Cold run this morning, again for 23 min.  A little slower than yesterday, not sure why...sure felt speedy as I was trying to outrun the cold (didn't work).  One more run tomorrow, then rest day (my birthday) on Friday.

          Michele in NC


            Week 6 still...The sidewalk was nice and soft this morning, because of SNOW!  Couldn't resist to make footprints all over the place.  Just an inch or so, but it was noticeable.  Much warmer, too.  Got in a 23 min plus run, slower I guess because of the white slippery stuff.  It had already changed over to rain by the time I drove in to work.


            Good luck running eveyrone!

            Michele in NC


              OHR W3D1. Did my last lap fast. I think it was too fast. I felt like I was going to throw up when I finished. Oops. That wasn't my intent. Heh. But yeah, it was good. Starting week 4, I'll be ramping up, so I'll be enjoying my last two 30-minute runs... Yay! One hour here I come!

              Call me Ray (not Ishmael)

                Congrats on the 30 min runs, obie!  Tough to run on the careful with that, running in one direction and turning in one direction constantly.  That can really aggravate your body.  It's a bonus if you can go in the reverse for 1/2 your run...can you do that to avoid stressing your body?  I know you're looking forward to that one hour run.  Take it easy, getting can do it!  It only gets easier from here.


                Did you finish week 1, eyedocguy?  How did it go?


                Wingz, where are you this week?


                First run as a 41 y.o. today Shocked  Did my 25 min run for the first time.  This added a hill, so it made the run a bit tougher.  Will repeat this run again tomorrow, then a rest day before starting week 7 of c25K.  Supposed to be running in the snow tomorrow, fun!

                Michele in NC


                Petco Run/Walk/Wag 5k

                  congrats on the bday Michele! I can almost remember back that far! LOL


                  You guys are doing great. Keep up the good work!

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                    Nice job obie and michele, way to go!  I did day 3 of week 1 today during the middle of the day, so it was nice and warm at about 26 degrees, felt like spring time!  I was able to just go with longsleeve shirt and hat/gloves, felt so good.  I'm excited to go to the next level in 2 days!   


                    Wingz when you get a chance, can you add me to the graph?

                    2011 Goal: Run at least twice per week for the entire year

                      Eyedocguy, good work, getting out the door to do week 1 is a major hurdle...made so much tougher to do this time of year in the cold, brrr!  When it's the 20's here, I have two layers going on! 


                      I know that obie got added to the graphs when he posted in the forum sticky at the top.  Wingz may not check here.  Just a thought...


                      Got my 25 min plus run in for an end to week 6 yesterday (Sunday).  I had a hard time with that run, really slow and wanted to quit multiple times.  I just focused on the fact that I've run without walking before, I could do it, etc.  Played the counting game uphill to keep going (count, concentrate on the numbers and not on how much I wanted to WALK!).  Made it (whew!) but had a hard time.  I'm definitely at my limit for the next week or so, but hopefully it was just a bad day and not an indicator that I need to scale back some.

                      Michele in NC


                        Hi guys. Got distracted for a bit there. Just did OHR W3D3. Next run I start ramping up time again. Yay!


                        Man, I wish I could run the other direction for half my run. I really do hate the slant. But I have to run with everyone else. I'll just try to get outside whenever I can. 


                        Nice job everyone! Truck on! And Merry Xmas to those who celebrate.

                        Call me Ray (not Ishmael)