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    Hi Everyone, I have done the C25K before. But a groin pull had me stop all running. Now I am am heavier and more out of shape than ever. I completed the first week on Sunday. I am excited for week 2. I run W,F,Su. One thing I noticed this time and I wonder if any of you have noticed as well. When I am running I do not feel very smooth on foot strike. I only wish I had a video of me running. It is probably pretty funny looking. I hope that it improves over the next couple of weeks. Well it is nice to meet you all. Have a good run. Big grin
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      Hi there! Do you have a Road Runner Sports near you? they have treadmills in the store where they videotape your stride, and then you can watch it onscreen. It's pretty cool. I'm sure other running stores have it to - that's the local one around here with that capability. I've pulled my groin muscles hiking before - ouch. Sounds like you're recovered though, that's good!



        I've wondered the same thing about how I look while running. When I run at work on the weekend, I imagine all of the security guards gathered around a monitor watching as I run around the track at work, laughing most of the time. People don't stare at me when they pass so maybe I don't look that silly? Confused
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