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Let's post our runs here.... (Read 531 times)

    ...instead of starting a new thread every week again!


    But... I'm not going to post today's run here.  My last run was on Saturday, and it went very well.

    But yesterday I was on call (which is from Sunday  8.30 AM till Monday 8.30 AM), and it was one of those busier days (and nights).  I went to bed around 1.00 this morning, and got the next call about two hour later.  And indeed, into my car again, and I wasn't home till three hours later.  Son would get up 30 minutes later, so I didn't go to bed myself.


    And then I had promised to go to the hairdresser today (it was about time), and this afternoon there is a steady drizzle....


    I feel so tired, and when I'm going to run with my freshly brushed hair, it's ruined again, so I'm going to wait till I have got some decent sleep before running.

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      Thanks Ann for starting us off.  Life gets in the way sometimes!


      A day later, but W7D1 for me, the first 25 min run, it went well despite the wind, and I was thankful for the cooler temps this morning as the warmer weather saps my energy.

      Michele in NC


      Petco Run/Walk/Wag 5k

        Hey guys! I haven't forgotten yas! I'm still out there, but lost a bit of mojo struggling with overactive bladder sleepless induced nights causing morning sleep ins... have to work thru it. Post seasonal tax season it will get better since I can get out there later in the mornings with no problem. Got runs in Sun & Mon but not this morning...


        cheers ya'll! Keep on Keeping on!

        bob e v
        2014 goals: keep on running! Is there anything more than that?

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        Break the 1000 mi barrier!

        History: blessed heart attack 3/15/2008; c25k july 2008 first 5k 10/26/2008 on 62nd birthday.

          A beautiful evening to run: no wind, not to cold, and a crisp-clear sky with a near full moon and bright stars.


          My run (33 min) went very well, I had no problem to keep my HR below MAF, and I had the impression that I was running slightly faster than during previous runs.  But it turned out to be just an impression: it was my slowest run ever....


          As I told, I had been on call for 24 hours on sunday, and had only slept two hours than.  But last night I went to bed very early and slept nearly 12 hours, so I don't know that being on call caused that total lack of speed...  But I really enjoyed my run, and that's most important...

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            Bob, I hope things get better for you soon!


            Ann, sounds like you had a great run despite the lack of sleep.


            I had a poor W7D2 run, another 25 min run.  I think the fact that it was 15 degrees warmer really affected me.  I walked 3 times, but, since I run so slowly, my total run time was the same as if I'd run the whole thing.  Some benefits to running so slowly!  I hope my next run is better.

            Michele in NC


              Michelle - a not so good run is still a will adjust...


              I had to stop due to the plague and now I have to work a  power plant outage that entails 13 hour days for 6 days at a time...I don't think I will be running anytime soon....


              good luck to you all and keep going...

                I'm sorry to hear that, cagery...

                But when life (or work) gets in the way, it's better to make choices than to overdo...


                My run yesterday... I don't know what to think about it.

                I had been looking forward to it for two days, I was really longing to run, although I felt a bit tired.  But it Iwas difficult to adjust my pace to my heartrate:  It seemed that my 'normal' pace is starting to be a tiny little bit too slow to keep my HR at MAF, and so I tried to accelerated, but of course, than my HR accelerated too, and went over MAF easily.  So I had to revert to walking a couple of times (for very short intervals, my HR slowed down at once then).  But I don't like that constant switching between running and walking....


                Maybe I'm going to do a short run this afternoon...

                I had run two days in a row (Tuesday and Wednesday), and

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                  Good job on finishing your run, Ann, even if you had to walk a bit.

                  Cagery, I hope you are feeling better!


                  Nice W7D3 run today, the last of the 25 min runs.  It was still a mental struggle to finish this run, so I'm not sure I'm ready to move on to the 28 min runs next week but I'm going to give it my best shot.  It's supposed to warm up this week here in NC, so I need to find a way to get out earlier to run because if it gets above 65 degrees I seem to wilt under the sun.  I am really sensitive to the heat.

                  Michele in NC


                    Quiet in here, lol.  W8D1, a 28 min run, but I had to walk twice.  It is very discouraging to quit and walk like I did, but it is what it is.  I figure that, no matter what, I'm doing better than I did last week and last month!

                    Michele in NC


                      W8D2 of C25K, got through this run by slowing down a bit.  Luckily, no walking this time around.  It is very frustrating at this point to walk, I knew around the halfway point of this run that I was gonna make it all the way, a good feeling.  Got an earlier start this morning to take advantage of a cool morning breeze, otherwise it was quite warm and I looked like a drowned rat when I finished...albeit, a HAPPY drowned rat lol!

                      Michele in NC


                        You're doing great Michele!


                        After Wednesday, I took two days of from running: sore throat, tired... Yesterday I felt equally bad, and my mood was down either.


                        I guess part of my feeling bad had to do with the tragic bus-accident in Switzerland, maybe some of you heard about it.  The daughter of my niece was one of the victims...


                         I was thinking of skipping my run again, but eventually decided to give it a go... And that was the best decision I made yesterday.  I really enjoyed my run, and afterwards, I felt much better, mentally and physically...

                        I ran about 5 km.


                        Today I'm on call again (normally I'm on call only once or twice a month, and never two weekend-days in a month, but this month it's rather buzzy. Hope I can have a good sleep tonight, since I really want to run tomorrow.)

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                          Glad you got out there, Ann.  I've never regretted getting my butt out there for a run, you always feel better afterward!


                          W8D3 for me today, made it a continuous 28 min run.  Lots of friendly dog walkers out there today, as I got out there a little early due to the coming heat.  I am looking forward to finishing up couch to 5K next week!

                          Michele in NC


                            I won't run today. I was on call yesterday, and it was again very buzzy... I have been in bed for about an hour, but couldn't sleep because of the adrenaline still going through my veins.

                            Luckily, Monday is my day off, so I could rest today.  I've been in the garden for a while, it was a sunny day, about 12°C/53°F... Spring is coming!


                            So I skip running today, and I'll try again tomorrow...

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                               I am looking forward to finishing up couch to 5K next week!



                              You Go Girl!!!

                                OK, the first of the 30 min runs was hard, mentally, but I did it!  I am SO SLOW it is pathetic, I got 2 miles done in 30 min for a snail's pace 15 min/mile, but you've gotta start somewhere, right?  I start a new job in a week or so, and I've been unemployed/slacker, so I've started getting up earlier to prepare for next week's earlier start to the day.  I think running earlier helped me, as it was a tad cooler, but it is still unusually warm in the Southeast for this time of year.  Trying to deal with it.

                                Michele in NC