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    Hello all. I see you are still here Wingz. It's nice to see a fimilar face. I tried the c25k last year about this time. I had hip pain so I eventually gave up after a few weeks and just rode my bicycle last year. I STILL want to run a 5k. I'd be tickled pink if I could do it before I turn 51 but I'm not puting any time limits on myself. I know I need to go slow. I recently bought new running shoes from a running store so I am ready. My hip feels good so we'll see how it goes this time. Nancy
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      Hi, Nancy. I'm mostly just guarding the graphs, now, but it's good to see you back too! Use this automated form to submit your weekly updates: When are you turning 51? (Not needing specific personal info, just curious how closely your goal lines up to the program's official lines.)

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        Welcome Nancy. Nice to see someone my age around here. You can do this. Just take it slow and repeat a week if you need to. A lot of us did.