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    Hi, can I play too? I'm working on transitioning from walking to running, need some help and think C25K might be the answer. Of course, most things I do are a little skewed by "normal" standards - whatever "normal" is - so I've done one 5K, 3 half marathons and 7 marathons in the last three years. I've just walked most of them. I have plenty of endurance, I just can't run very far and I want to get faster. Now that the days are getting a little longer, I'll be able to get out for 20 to 30 minutes after work MWF so plan to start week one next week. It's a bad time of year for me since I'm working two jobs and six days a week through the middle of April.

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      Welcome to the group! I think the C25k program is a great place to start. This time of year seems to be tough for all of us, for one reason or another.

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        Welcome. This is a great place to start. Although I continued on from here and did the OHR program, I've cut back to doing a run/walk for most of my runs. It is much easier on the body.
          Hi, Fay! Got ya on the graph. Let me know if you have any problems...

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