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Week Ending 18MAR2012 (Read 227 times)

    Scenes from last week:


    amlinz 104.1 mi
    nanxin 50.3 mi
    CliveF 48.3 mi
    pneriah 31.6 mi
    Happyfeet 29.5 mi
    Lpadg 21.3 mi
    old-runner 20.2 mi
    CarolinaBlue 16.1 mi
    alholley 11.5 mi
    rossruns 9 mi
    jdbrown 6.7 mi
    fraggle 5.8 mi
    SForrester 3 mi


    Last weeks' races, events and moments of significance:

    • CliveF -- 17MAR2012 -- Angels 5k (H'ville NC) -- Goal = (A) find a darker place; (B) bring sexy back.  RESULT = 20:44
    • CliveF -- 17MAR2012 -- Terry Fox Run (Davidson NC) -- Goal = raise money, honor my family peeps who [have battled/are battling] cancer.  RESULT = money raised, peeps honored
    • nanxin -- 18MAR2012 -- Tobacco Road Marathon (Cary NC) -- Goal = 3:15.  RESULT = 3:21:45
    • old-runner -- 18MAR2012 -- Run for Tom 5k (Salisbury NC) -- (Sandbagging) Goal = sub-22.    RESULT = 21:28

    This weeks' races, events and moments of significance:

    • old-runner -- 25MAR2012 -- NC Half-Marathon (Concord NC) -- Goal = 1:35-ish.  RESULT = 1:36:08
    • alholley -- 25MAR2012 -- NC Half-Marathon (Concord NC) -- Goal = sub-2:00 w/o training.  RESULT = 2:04:16
    • rossruns -- 25MAR2012 -- NC Half-Marathon (Concord NC) -- Goal = (A) 1:38; (B) 1:40; (C) sub-1:45:18.  RESULT = 1:48:03

    "I want you to pray as if everything depends on it, but I want you to prepare yourself as if everything depends on you."

    -- Dick LeBeau

      Nice work, Han!  Looking forward to a race recap of sorts.


      And should we be concerned about the disappearance of ChakaKahn, atomno2 and theyapper66? Surprised

      "I want you to pray as if everything depends on it, but I want you to prepare yourself as if everything depends on you."

      -- Dick LeBeau


        Now I know running a marathon can be really painful, I did 2 minutes slower than the Thunder Road Marathon, but had a much painful experience. Given my set-back training because of injure, I think the result is as expected.


        I ran my first 19 miles at or below 7:20 pace, then I hit the wall and watched the 3:15:00 pacer run away quickly, my body totally shut down at that time, my last 4 miles was in 9:00 pace, and it was so difficult to maintain such an “easy” pace.


        If I looked back now, my goal was set definitely too high compared to my training, but if let me do it again, I think I may do it in the same way anyway.


        I think my issue is the lacking of patience, which a runner always doesn’t have. I think I will take a recovery for next couple of weeks, and then I will build my mileage back to 50-60 based on the 10% rule. My next try will most likely be the Savannah Rock N Roll Marathon.

          Great job on the marathon Han! I know it's not exactly what you wanted but still 3:21 is fantastic.


          Not to beat a dead horse, but my official time in yesterday's 5k ended up being 21:28 and I finished 5th overall out of 181 runners... 



          So who all's running the big North Carolina Half Marathon at Charlotte Motor Speedway next Sunday? I'll be there, once again hoping to be around 1:35 or so. Anybody else running it?



            I plan to run the North Carolina Half Marathon. It will be another one that I did not train good for.

            Hoping it is flat. And wishing for a sub 2hr result.

              Adrian... Good to see I'm not the only one running the NC Half! I'll keep an eye out for you over there. I'm not sure of the size of the race but I'm thinking it'll be 2,000+ at least.


              Don't get your hopes up on it being flat. It's a huge hill going up from the drag strip to the big speedway and you'll also hit a couple of pretty big hills going through the tunnel in and out of the speedway and also over the footbridge if we cross that (and I'm pretty sure we do). It ain't flat by a long shot. 

                I'm running the NC Half this Sunday, too! It's my last "long" race until the fall, so I'm hoping to make it count.  I've also convinced 1 or 2 of my coworkers to join me (they're after the shiny light-up medal, I think.) 


                This will also be the first chance my wife and daughters get to watch me race and cheer me on, so I'm hoping they can find a good spot on the infield to see me pass by a few times on my way in/out of the speedway. Then they just have to find something to do to kill time for the 90 minutes in between! :-)


                My training plan has me running 7:28 pace - I know I averaged 7:23 pace for 10 miles last month, so hopefully that's achievable.  I'm shooting for the following: (A) 1:38; (B) 1:40; (C) Sub 1:45:18.


                Good luck Adrian and Richard - I'd say "see you out there" but if there's 2000 people, it'll be awfully hard to find people I've never met in person before. :-)

                  Good luck to you too Ross! I'll try to keep an eye out for you even though we haven't met before. I took a look at the running entries in your blog just now. Wow... you ran a 15:24 cross-country 5k back in the day! I have a feeling you've got a lot of untapped potential as an adult. 

                    It may still be like looking for a needle in a haystack, but given the projected "warm" weather (i.e. above 50 degrees) I'll probably be wearing my yellow-orange (i.e. mac and cheese colored) running tank top w/ a grey headband.  (Trying to be somewhat visible for my wife and kids to pick me out of the crowd.)  I don't have a time fast enough to make it into the "seeded" corral, but I'll try to wedge myself into the one appropriate for a 1:38-1:40 time.


                    As for my 15:24 5k back in the day....those were the "glory days".  :-)  I know I'll probably not get back to those times of high school and college again, but I'm hoping to put a serious hurt on my "current" PR by the end of the summer - sub 20 would be nice, but I've got my eyes on sub 19 by the end of the year if my body holds up to the serious speed training I'm going start up beginning in April.

                      Good race at the speedway! I see that Clive already posted the results above. I didn't see Adrian (alholley) at all but it's weird how I met up with Ross. He was talking to somebody else who I kind of know and I came over and then a few other people came and went. I knew Ross looked familiar but I see so many of the same faces at races I don't pay that much attention, but it finally struck me after 5 minutes or so that I was standing there talking to Ross! Anyhoo, good to meet you Ross.


                      By the way, that speedway is an amazingly difficult place to run. You wouldn't think it would be that hilly, but it is, and it'll drive you nuts running 8 or 9 miles an hour around a mile and a half track with 90,000 empty seats, and the dragstrip is even worse. I don't know how long it is but maybe a mile or so -- completely straight, flat, and no points of reference. Glad it's over but it was a fun race.



                        You were right the race was hilly. And not that I expect hills to be in certain spots, but it felt like they were around the areas

                        where I usually catch a second wind. I must say I hit a wall before and after the drag strip.


                        Overall, a good race and harder than expected.



                          Congrats to all of ya'll.  Looks like ya did some good runnin'.