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    it would seem to be a tie. However, I had heard through the rumor mill that Richard had a "goon" (someone either with direct ties to the Gaston County Runners or someone indirectly tied to the GCR) in the race who was prepared to knock Clive "off stride" in some way  -- I'm not sure if this was someone who was going to get in front of Clive and try and slow things up, or run alongside and call out incorrect splits in earshot of Clive to have Clive think he was on-pace but actually running slower, or distract ("loud breather", "foot stomper", "obnoxious banter") or actually try to push Clive around or interfere in a traditional "goon" manner?


      Richard's henchmen were no match for my usual placid self.  Henchman #1 attacked in the first 200m, throwing elbows that slammed me once in the arm and once in the Garmin.  Running alongside me as we traversed the second kilometer, Henchman #2 was more insidious.  I was running down the center of the road, between the yellow lines where the pavement was nice and flat.  Henchman #2 was on my left shoulder and not a half-stride in front.  Apparently, his tactic was to annoy me, but it was disguised as wanting that same four-inch-wide portion of the pavement.  So he just drifted in on me, gently nudging me left and off the double-yellow.  Hey, Mary Decker Slaney!  One stride before you can move in!  Unfortunately, Richard's retired, and his fixed income doesn't give him the budget to hire highly-conditioned henchmen -- I pushed the pace a little, pulled away from Henchman #2, and reclaimed my double-yellow position.  Right before I moved off it to run the tangent.

      "I want you to pray as if everything depends on it, but I want you to prepare yourself as if everything depends on you."

      -- Dick LeBeau

        You're right I can't afford good henchmen these days. I just WISH I were on a fixed Social Security income... I'd have more to spend.


        On an unrelated note, Lynwood and I ran the Stuf UR Face Half Marathon today. Neither one of us ran hard... more of a training run. What a fun event it was though... maybe the best race I've ever run (or the most fun) and it was FREE. They'll probably do it again next year and if so you guys ought to plan on it. 

          Richard, I agree.  That was one of the best.   Usually, it's your running that impresses me, but seeing you take on the three donut challenge at the half way point was good too.  I was just worried I wouldn't make it back.  Running a half on 17 mile weeks probably isn't the smartest thing to do, but it was painful fun.  Having Vac and Dash time it was a nice touch also.