Charlotte, NC area runners


Week Ending 12FEB2012 (Read 235 times)

    Congrats on finishing the marathon Adam! It's a formidable task at no matter what speed. That's why I limit myself to the half... I blow up at about 16 miles too. 


    The half went well for me... 1:33:48, which is about a half minute faster than last year. Haven't seen any official age group results yet but the top 3 in the 55-59 age group were under 1:30. Dave Forrest, a 59-year-old from Charlotte that some of you might know ran it in 1:25, and there was a 70-year-old who ran it in 1:29. Wow... the old guys are getting faster!

      Congratulations Adam. Still a great run, considering the distance. 


      Richard it was good to see you on the start line, and I'm glad I stayed there.  I did get passed by mobs of people the rest of the race though.  I had a PR at 1:43:51. That might be gun time, but I forgot my watch, so I'm not sure. So I can't complain too much, but it wasn't a great day of running for me. Just never felt good.  I thought I was holding my 7:50/mile pace, but missed a few mile markers and clocks at 10 and 11, and lost time there.  I was told the clocks were behind the aid station.  When I saw the 12 mile timing clock, I saw I was down a good bit, and ran a 7:19 last mile and made some back up, then a total sprint to the finish line.


      I thought Myrtle Beach was one of the best events I've ever run.