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Week of 29OCT-04NOV 2012 (Read 104 times)

    Seriously?  Y'all must be tapering hardcore!


    CliveF  54.5 mi
    Pete.Hu 44.8 mi
    Strick 36 mi
    theyapper66  31 mi
    amlinz 25.3 mi
    Lpadg 25 mi
    atomno2 23.5 mi
    CarolinaBlue 20.3 mi
    fraggle 17.4 mi
    nanxin 11.2 mi
    alholley 10.6 mi
    SForrester 10 mi
    jdbrown 8.3 mi


    At the races:


    Last week:            
    alholley 27OCT2012 Runway 5k 5k Charlotte NC na 25:20
    This week:            

    "I want you to pray as if everything depends on it, but I want you to prepare yourself as if everything depends on you."

    -- Dick LeBeau

      My reduction of mileage was not taper related (and not what I wanted to do). Others are increasing their mileage though -- Paul appears to have upped his mileage over the past couple of weeks -- Paul, are you planning on any races in the future? And Shashi went overboard in his taper!


      On the road again...

        I'm in a training plan for a goal marathon in Columbia on March 9, 2013, but will race some between now and then, I'm sure.  I just don't have any picked out.  I do want to race the Santa Scramble on 11/17.  Is anyone else running that one?

        I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

          Wish there was a way to add a weekly mileage total, as my daily 3-5 milers are nothing special and don't really care for any details from those runs. Ran atleast 20 miles each of the last 3 weeks with about a 10 mile long run. Not ready to become a non runner yet.  


          BTW I am not running any races anytime soon, so not tapering, just business travel (which I am not used to) taking away my RA time.

            Paul, I was going to run Santa Scramble. Then I had that quad injury that fortunately lasted five days and hopefully healed, so I may, or may not.


            Fun "Halloween Run" tonite for our Charlotte Runners Wed night run through Dilworth (surprised that about 16 runners showed up) along with Lynwood (who showed up late). One thing I noticed is that as we ran through Dilworth, there were a lot more cars parked along the route, and there were literally throngs of trick-or-treaters out (and about 80% accompanied by at least one parent). So it hit me later in the run when you could see people lined up ten to fifteen deep at the door at various houses (big homes) along Dilworth East & West, as I kept saying to myself, there is no way there are this many kids in the neighborhood, that many were driving into the neighborhood to park and trick-or-treat. I really have not seen that phenomenon before.  How was everyone's Halloween Run (Shashi does not count because he is not logging his runs!)?


            under a rock

              I didn't do a  halloween run but I just wanted to comment on the trick-or-treating. We have lots of people that drive into our neighborhood. But, our area has small neighborhoods or lots of homes on busy streets with no sidewalks. So, to stay safe and get a good candy haul you've got to find other neighborhoods to go to. I love that people drive into ours since it is small and I like to hand out candy. I'm guessing people figure that Dilworth is a good place to go if they live in an area  that isn't good for trick-or-treating. It's got sidewalks, is well lit, and busy which is more fun. I remember when I was really young my parents would drive us to a larger neighborhood since there were only 10 houses on our street. When we were in a larger neighborhood there was no need to drive us around to get a good haul and have fun.