Charlotte, NC area runners


Week of 28JAN-03FEB 2013 (Read 10 times)

    Hmmm ...  While I'm not a huge fan of potentially PR'ing on an uncertified course, I like the sound of the strong-n-fast field.  I'm leaning toward doing this one.


    Thanks for the info, guys!

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      Cliff, I think you'll enjoy it.  You probably won't notice the climb up East, but might notice the elevation going around the park.  When you turn left on East, it's a blast running that far back downhill. Good race.  I missed the signup one year, and the race director himself, told me just to run and have fun.  Gotta like that.  I wouldn't have run otherwise without permission.

        It could very well be that the Cupid's Cup is a little short. What I'm wondering is why don't they just back up the starting line a little bit? It starts halfway up the hill so all they need to do is start it however much farther down the hill that it needs to be. Other than that the course can stay the same... just doesn't make sense.



          You're right Richard. You almost can't tell where the start line is the last time I ran it. I'll ask the Charlotte Running Company crew that question. Now I'm curious as to why.