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Week of 19-25 NOV 2012 (Read 211 times)

    The mind is willing, but the legs are weak!


    SForrester 45.5 mi
    Pete.Hu 44.2 mi
    amlinz 43.7 mi
    theyapper66  38.5 mi
    Lpadg 26.3 mi
    Happyfeet 23.8 mi
    nanxin 20.3 mi
    CliveF  18.9 mi
    fraggle 18.5 mi
    CarolinaBlue 17.4 mi
    jdbrown 14 mi
    Strick 11.7 mi
    atomno2 9.5 mi



    At the races:


    Last week:            
    17NOV2012 Thunder Road HM Charlotte NC <1:44:00, PR 1:40:41, PR!
    This week:            
    CliveF 22NOV2012 Soon To Be Stuffed 5k Huntersville NC Top 5 OA  

    "I want you to pray as if everything depends on it, but I want you to prepare yourself as if everything depends on you."

    -- Dick LeBeau


      congrats on the 4 min PR on your 1/2 marathon time. Plus Thunder Road is also a tougher course.Were you out fast (47:01 for your first 10k is 7:33 pace and your overall time is 7:41 I think so you had to have some miles near/above 8:00 somewhere) and how did you fare towards the end? I guess if your going to get serious your going to need to wear a Garmin unless you recorded your splits old-school via your watch? I did not realize that your now now on the "age grade wagon". What do you attribute the improvement? When I've looked at Cliff's log it seems his easy runs with Bear allow him to run at a very easy pace and recover optimally -- perhaps you could go up to Cliff's neck of the woods and run with Bear on your recovery days?


        Thanks Rob.  I ran the first 10K exactly how I planned.  I knew I was pushing my redline for a half like TR, but I wanted to see what would happen if I did that, and how I would hold up.  I thought I had a sub 1:40, but the wind was tough in a few sections.  Morehead cost me the rest.  I do think I ran 7:30 approximately for the first ten miles.  I reset my old school watch at the "10 mile marker" to focus on the last 5K and ran 24:13 at 7:48. Too slow!  I know I was back below 7:30 for the last mile, and based on mile 11, I ran 7:44.  I don't think I slowed down at all during mile 11 but can't be sure with no GPS.   Other than climbing Morehead, I felt strong for the whole race and sprinted the last .1 out of that crazy part through the parking lot before the finish. No complaints at all.  Long runs are king, and I know more mileage is what I need to keep improving. And yes, I realize I don't run near the mileage most of ya'll do, but I have fun.


        Next up...the Turkey Trot tomorrow, then the Myrtle Beach half in February, where I'll take a shot at a solid sub 1:40. 

          Lynwood, With a 1:41 at TR you need to set your sights higher for flat Myrtle beach.  


          With the Charlotte races starting in the city, its tough to maintain even pace or negative splits with the big downhill at the start and having to climb back up to finish.  

            Shashi, what do think I should shoot for at Myrtle Beach? 


            I was trying to come up with something, but wasn't sure what wouild be reasonable. My legs feel pretty good considering I just ran a hard half, and I would totally recover but I do want to put in a solid effort tomorrow at the Turkey Trot. Not the smartest thing I guess and definitely not a recovery week.. I know it won't be as good as I could have done w/o TR. 


            My plan is to add mileage and continue the long runs.  My monday run is sometimes my tempo run if I feel good.  I thought of doing some progression long runs, like Hudson recommends.  Not sure if I really need to do any "speed work" though I do like that the best.

              FWIW, a race of 90-100 minutes is going to be run at or (very likely) above your lactate threshold.  While speed plays a role, it isn't a first-order variable for races of this duration.  The main physiological attributes for the HM and up are (IMO, and also kinda Pfitzinger's): endurance, lactate threshold, and VO2Max.  In that order.


              So that'd direct you toward (in order of importance):


              • increased weekly mileage and long runs (not marathon-cycle length, but you get the idea);
              • tempo work (both 20min tempo as well as longer steady-state runs), and
              • a sprinkling of maybe 600-1000m repeats at ~2mi race-pace (you can plug your race times into McMillan's calculator to get target times for the intervals).

              "I want you to pray as if everything depends on it, but I want you to prepare yourself as if everything depends on you."

              -- Dick LeBeau

                Lynwood, I am no expert to advice you of the time you should target, but based on your recent 10K, you should be looking at under 1:38. You are improving at a rapid clip and have run that time on what most would consider lower/moderate running volume. So the low hanging fruit is more mileage and longish long runs. 


                I ran my best HM off of about 14-16 mile long runs.  Looking back on that cycle, I needed to do a  few  20-30 min tempo runs at around 10k-15k pace.  Even now endurance is my weak point and I need to get consistent at 2 hour long runs and a midweek 90 min fast finish run plus a 20 min tempo and get away from a lot of intervals I've been doing lately.  Targeting a Spring Half as well. 

                  MTA: thank ya'll for your input by the way! I do appreciate it. I corrected my my 4th mile split.

                  35:58 un-official from my watch for the 8k. I don't see results up yet.  


                  At the mile 2 split, per the markers, I was at 13:39. Slowed to a 21:09 for the 3 mile split at 7:03.  Really tired during Mile 4 and was at 8:05 pace. Finished at what looks to be 7:15 pace overall.  Fun day, with a ton our Charlotte Runners having Mimosa's etc in the Macy's parking lot.


                  Now it's time to eat.


                  And based on Shashi's recommendation, and Cliff's training plan, I'll shoot for 1:32 in Myrtle Beach.


                  MTA: kidding ; I'll wait till I get close to see how I'm running for a target.  If I can run 1:38 or faster, I can make my cousing's husband run another half, as he retired and said he wouldn't run another untill somebody beat his time. 


                    congrats -- another PR?  Do you think you went out too fast (did you "pulled by the wash" of everyone running too fast at the start) -- you were out in 13:39 -- was that faster than the first 2 miles in your best 5k)?


                    Cliff, how did you do (I saw that race "Soon to be Stuffed" is an untimed and "un" place race?


                      Rob, It is an 8K PR and thank you. 


                       Those miles felt about right I think considering the course.  It starts climbing a little at 2.5 to 4, and I was a little tired.  I probably could have pushed a little harder through that, but was fine with what I was doing. I was able to talk a little as I saw people I knew also.

                        19:48 and a "win".  Had a high-schooler pulling away, so I went with him.  Really fun to have a race for a change, rather than just running for a time target.

                        "I want you to pray as if everything depends on it, but I want you to prepare yourself as if everything depends on you."

                        -- Dick LeBeau

                          Clive, Congratulations on 1 OA and...


                          Cherry picker


                            "I want you to pray as if everything depends on it, but I want you to prepare yourself as if everything depends on you."

                            -- Dick LeBeau