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    I know I could do that but I just glaze over when I look at that data as it relates to me or anybody else. Plus it gives you stalkers less to work with other than my disinterest in the subject.


    As a "certified coach" (and I'll use the term loosely), if and when I would coach anybody it would be on a much more casual basis, most likely older people who just want to learn how to run and make it a part of their lives. All of the serious stuff with lots of numbers is something they'd have to do elsewhere. I'm just a simple guy -- lace 'em up and run. When I did the coaching program I did the number crunching that was required but I thought to myself that if I had thought it took all that planning to be a runner I would have never started.

      Richard,  Not sure if you know the advanced workout features of Garmins (except 110 and not sure of 210) where you can program the workout the coach gives in Gramin Training center and upload to the watch. I setup my warmup and cooldown setup as to end when you hit the lap button, this way leave all the button pressing to the watch and we could use the same workout on the road instead of a track if you want to simulate real world for longer intervals such as mile repeats.  No issue with forgetting to press a button in time etc.

      On the road again...

        In small potato running news, I ran a double digit run for the first time in 4 months.  10 miles on the nose.


        In bigger news, I've got a Garmin and would love to know more about the workouts, etc. that you guys are talking about.  I've not been doing any kind of speedwork right now because I think I'm taxing my body to the max right now with the 3 runs a week and 6 Insanity workouts a week, but next week is my last week of the Insanity program and I'll be looking to add a 4th run on the way back to 5 runs/week.  Always looking to train smarter, and hate feeling like there's more that I could do with the technology on my wrist.


        I'll be a sponge, you throw the training tips my way!

        I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

          Paul, The advanced workouts are scheduled in Garmin Training Center, go to workouts, right click my workouts and then New workout.  Or in the example workouts, pick one and duplicate it.  You can either schedule a duration for each step or distance, HR goal etc and if there is a goal pace you want to keep (I don't put anything in the target field to minimize all the beeping).  If its a bunch of repeats schedule that as a repeating step, the ++ icon (with the rest as a sub step), once all done, give the workout a name, schedule the workout and then from the File Menu, send to device. On the day of the workout, choose training -> workouts -> advanced workouts and pick either Today's (if scheduled for the day), or View all -> pick, and then do workout.  This all assumes that you have a 205/305, Training center 3.6.5 other versions/devices may be a bit different, but the same general rules should apply.  

            Yeah, I set them up as interval workouts.  Some tips:


            • Don't specify a target pace -- it requires a pace "zone" rather than just a pace number, and it'll beep incessantly anyway.
            • For the track, I usually spec the distance slightly long to counter the Garmin's occasional under-measuring; e.g. spec 410m laps and then run a real 400m physical lap, pressing Lap when I cross the Start/Finish line.
            • Personal choice: I like to have the warmup and cooldown separate from the interval stuff, not all munged together.



            As far as what kind of training to actually do ... I'd start simple, like adding 4-5 striders at the end of easy days maybe 2-3 times per week.  Gets the legs turning over, recruits fast-twitch fibers, and cleans your form a little.  Not longer than ~150m tops, with full recoveries between them (i.e., it's not an anaerobic workout).  Then maybe a tempo run per week, and perhaps intervals targeted to whatever goal distance you're looking at.

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            On the road again...

              Good stuff, thanks!  And I'll echo the weekly tempo runs - that's the one thing that helped me set my HM PR.  They were hard, but they worked wonders.

              I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.