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Week of 5/9/11 (Read 264 times)

    Name ▲DistanceTime
    Amores Perros 91.5 mi 14:12:49
    AussieGirl76 36.4 mi 5:08:21
    Bugs 11.9 mi 2:24:03
    CaraH 44.2 mi 6:44:31
    Cashmason 4.6 mi 49:32
    dgb2n 0 mi 0:00
    Dutchie42 24.3 mi 4:49:32
    evanflein 63.3 mi 8:33:52
    irpete 15 mi 2:28:00
    jhallum 44 mi 6:05:43
    Kimmie 30.5 mi 4:53:14
    lilcat19 3.8 mi 37:00
    Murphy996 0 mi 0:00
    pace2race 70.5 mi 10:32:51
    rockenmamaof5 60.3 mi 9:33:25
    theyapper66 14.3 mi 2:13:34
    willamona 0 mi 0:00
    WillRunForBeer 44.5 mi 6:37:54


    does Perry have insomnia, or what?!

      I did my 5k corporate challenge on the weekend, 7:58 pace overall and something around 21Tight lippedx.  It was spot on where I wanted to be, and it was hot and hilly. 

        I'm guessing you meant 6:58 pace overall for a 21:XX 5k.  Nice fast run, especially in those conditions.


        I ran 3 easy this morning on my VFFs.  Top of one foot has been sore -- I'm not sure if it's the VFF strap or something else.  It seems like the soreness is closer to the toes rather than right under the strap.


        Picked a fall marathon, and signed up (Atlantic City 10/16).  Then Harriet started talking about doing two more to collect a few states in a relatively short period (OBX, NC and Rehoboth, DE).  I'm not sure if we'll sign up for those now or wait.

        Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

          thanks for correcting my math there, you're right.  As my Garmin beeped at the first mile I was at 6:15, and it all went downhill (figuratively speaking) from there, as it was quite hot and a really hilly course.  I wanted under a 7 minute mile pace overall, and I got there, just. 


          You have me intrigued, do you try to PR on all of those marathons, or are they training runs with a PR planned once or twice a year?

            heh, I tried to PR in Boston and ended up 8 minutes slower.  But I don't think I would try to PR any of these.  Depending on the weather, it is generally hard to do any speed work here in the summer, so I don't generally do as well in fall marathons.  But this winter I was just too lazy to do any speed work, and it showed for my spring marathon.


            But 3 in 3 months?  Probably a good idea not to run too fast in any of them, although I'd hope to get 3:40s or 3:45s in all of them.


            Having said that, if I do feel "right" on any given Sunday, who knows?

            Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


              When I ran my 6 in 6 months, I BQ'd all of them but Equinox (which isn't a qualifier anyway). Easy enough to do that, just plan your recovery well. I would definitely say you shouldn't try to PR each one, but you can certainly set other time goals for each. I'm doing something stupid enough to be almost Perry-worthy in June... but I'm not spilling too many deets yet.


              Nice job on the 5k's for Jeremy and Gen. Mine was ok, but getting there late and starting from the back is really not a recommended strategy. I figured I passed at least 800 people... The gun went off shortly after we got off the bus (we had to park elsewhere and bus to the start), I was still working my way to the start through crowds of strollers and walkers with dogs, kids, etc. It was nuts. Still managed a 23:36 which was good enough for 1st in AG. Yay.


              Good work on that tri, Bugs! I just admire the heck out of you for taking these on and doing so well. Very impressed.


              Not a bad HM, Lou. I'd be on that "I just raced Boston and another race" bandwagon too. Your RP is just an overachiever. Big grin


              Finished last week with just over 63 miles, right where I wanted to be. Ran 7 pretty fast miles after the 5k on Saturday and 21 on Sunday at a good pace. Feels very good to have had a successful 20+ mile run after not making it a couple weeks ago. This is a cutback week, and one last big week after that, then a 2 week taper and the fun begins!

                I'm interested in hearing your plans, Erika.  Are you trying to get more stars?  I mentioned to Harriet that the 3 marathons in 3 months is still a single star, and she said that the shirt doesn't get any yellower Smile   My RP got her MM number -- 3775


                8.3 somewhat faster miles for me this morning, 8:07/mi pace

                Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

                On the road again...

                  I had the lowest total in a while last week, as I spent most of my time either in the yard making over our lawn or in the house recovering from it.  The results so far, if you're interested, are on my blog.


                  MTA: nice bit of speedwork today - slow/fast/slow/fast/slow for 5 miles total

                  I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.


                    Ah yes, the shirt doesn't get any yellower, but I would sure love to have at least 5 stars... Right now looking at bumping up to 4, but it's proving to be a logistical effort. Sometimes actually running the marathons is the smallest part of this quest!!


                    3.4 easy peasy miles after soccer last night. DS's team won, but the game wasn't pretty. They really need to work on passing and stopping the ball... but still, DS got a hat trick and his team won 8-1.


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                      I might like to run 2 in a weekend sometime, but that is about the extent of my maniac-directed interest.


                      Did speedwork today,  and it went pretty well. Was to be a descending pryamid  (1600,1200,800,400), but I went a bit fast on the 1600 - but felt good - and was too tired on the 1200 so it turned into an 800, and the 1200 simply got skipped. Too bad for it. But I'm still happy. If a bit tired. Off to mow now.

                      It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                        thinking I may get back running  tomorrow @ lunch. Mostly it depends on whether or not I get my running stuff together..


                        Its been a very long week. Aidan had to have surgery and a stay overnight at the hospital after a week of doctor visits and various procedures that werent very pleasant. Through it all he never really fussed. He went through the removal of a cyst or bllod clot, a catheter, and the surgery is called a meatotomy.


                         Could be other issues down the road that I dont completely understand the seriousness of at this point. It was explained post-op. We see the urologist again Monday and should get a better idea on the chances that he;ll need another procedure down the road--and how major it will be.

                          sorry, murph.  That must be tough to watch.  I sure hope all goes well with his recovery.

                          Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


                            {{{baby Aidan}}}  {{{Aidan's worried folks}}} Sorry to hear about this. Always hard when these little ones have problems. Hope he recovers well and is done with it.


                            5.1 extremely windy miles yesterday at lunch... I just can't run in the wind. I work so hard to feel like I'm getting anywhere, as the wind makes you feel like you're running in place. HR goes up, legs feel tapped... turns out I'm running almost tempo pace, and certainly tempo effort. Grrr. Well, today I've decided to go with the flow. Or the wind, that is. It should be less today (was 16 mph steady when I ran yesterday), but still from the West/NW. I'll run home from DH's office (or work, haven't decided yet), which will give me a tailwind. That I can do.

                              5.1 extremely windy miles yesterday at lunch... I just can't run in the wind. I work so hard ...


                              I was waiting for the part where you say, 8:18/mi pace because it was so windy Smile


                              Myself, I ran 9.1 easy this morning, about 9:07/mi pace, AHR was down around 137

                              Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


                                Heh, Lou you so funny. Actually, yesterday's run was more like 8:06 pace overall! Joking

                                Today's run was something different! First time out on the trails, trying to avoid the damn wind and tired of running by the roads. Parts were still a little wet so my shoes got soaked, but that's ok. It was great... but I'm sure out of trail running shape! Something about running up those hills with the uneven trail, roots and rocks makes you feel like you ran twice the distance. But it was good to get out there again. I'll definitely be working up to more trail runs each week now.  5.6 miles in 47 minutes.