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Week of 9/4 (Read 229 times)

Happy Camper

    NameDistance ▼Time
    Amores Perros 70.5 mi 9:20:13
    evanflein 60.5 mi 8:26:53
    AussieGirl76 60.2 mi 8:39:10
    pace2race 56 mi 9:07:39
    WillRunForBeer 52.8 mi 8:13:17
    CaraH 52.7 mi 7:54:03
    Bugs 37.1 mi 5:32:47
    Kimmie 17.2 mi 2:40:57
    jhallum 15.2 mi 2:07:09
    theyapper66 14 mi 2:06:49
    irpete 11.2 mi 1:38:04
    Dutchie42 4.7 mi 59:13
    Cashmason 0 mi 0:00
    dgb2n 0 mi 0:00
    Murphy996 0 mi 0:00

     Hope everyone is enjoying the extended weekend.  Kimmie I hope you had a great time running the RNR and after.  We had the most perfect weather for the HOA this morning.  52F and 10mph winds at the start.  It's still not 60F now.  First time in 6-years I did not enter and I know I needed the break.  I slept 9-hours last night for the first time in I don't know how long.  Just got back from a very enjoyable 10-miler at easy pace and am ready to get some things done on the house.  I get by the gym this evening and will have a nice walk with Chase and Max around sunset.  Great weekends everyone!

    Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.


      Good morning Pace and everyone!    Quick drive by post....


      Rock n Roll race was great fun.  I was happy with a 1:57, especially given  my lack of training..... i knew that I would plan to stay with my friend the 1st half and then see if I could pick it up.   So, second half was faster than the first and I enjoyed it the whole way.   I could have pushed harder, maybe, but I didn't really want to die, so conservative was better  and this was SO MUCH BETTER than my half in June.    Being flat helped, too.  Smile


      I liked the party atmosphere and all of the bands.   Very impressive to see little girls cheering at 7:00 on a Sunday morning.


      My friend is a friend from high school and another school friend met us there, so we did some reminiscing, which is always fun.


      Have a good one all-  off to the gym to take a spin class for the first time in a long time.


        Thanks for starting us off, P2R. And yeah, sometimes we just need to step back and take a break. Thanks for the mileage totals. That's my big peak week before Equinox.


        Sounds like a fun race, Kimmie! And really a pretty good time, too. Meeting up with friends at races is a large part of the fun, I think.


        Hi Pam! What is that training plan? Never heard of a 2:18 long run on the schedule... seems an odd time.


        I had a big weekend with a 10.2 mile tempo run on Saturday (7:46 avg pace) and a 23.1 mile long run on the course on Sunday. The last few miles were tough, but I made it through. Stashed water along the way this time which I've never done before (really!). It worked out well, but I still need to go back out and pick up a couple of bottles. So glad it's taper time! But... I checked my log from last year to see how I spent the last couple of weeks before Equinox and they were pretty big weeks, actually. Both over 40 with tough long runs on the course. I told myself earlier that I'd repeat what I did last year. Should've looked first.

        Happy Camper

          Wow, 48F this morning to do intervals in on the trail in the creek bottom.  Actually broke out a long sleeve tech shirt and light weight gloves.  It will take a while for the Winter blood to start flowing.  Sprints went well considering last night was legs and low back night at the gym and I walked the boys for an hour around sunset.  Chase had a tooth pulled and stilled barked and whined when he thought I was going to leave him behind.  Couldn't leave him throwing that big of a fit and he looked liked he enjoyed the walk.  First day of a short work week. Hope everyones' is going well.

          Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.

            I need to plug my Garmin in to log my runs..Well, I just finished my first run in well over a month. Now its time to taper for Northcoast


            Still doing it. Going to take it easy and going to do what I can. It will be fun..I look forward to seeing dopplebock and others tear up the course.


            Great job on the 1/2 kimmie!


            Ava turned two last week..really hard to believe. And Aidan is 4-1/2 months, and is a beast. 99th percentile for weight and 100th for height (Is that possible?) The happiest baby ever. Pictures are on FB of the two of them..I'll post some here when I can.


            The cool weather was nice..Ran 5+ miles at lunch--working on my NC24 pace. Steady 11:50 mm pace. Doing 5:1 run/walk ratio.


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              ..Well, I just finished my first run in well over a month. Now its time to taper for Northcoast



              This certainly sounds like someone insane enough to do 24 hours Smile

              It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


                Hey Murphy! You Maniac, you. Honestly, I hope you do ok on that. Those kids of yours are growing like little (big?) weeds! Please share a picture here for those of us who aren't on Facebook...


                8.1 mile tempo run tonight. Not as fast or far as Saturday's run, but much harder. Terrain makes all the difference. The best tempo runs are downhill! Big grin But, I suppose this one was a better workout in the end.





                    Look at those curls! That Ava is such a cutie! And Aidan sure has that surprised look down! What a tank! Must be a real chow hound. Cute kids, Murphy. I can see why you haven't been running much!


                    And with a kid-pic induced grin on my face, I'm about to head out for my lunch time run!


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