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    Happy December everyone! I'll kick things off with a non-race report report of the Dallas White Rock Marathon last Sunday, Dec. 4! My training had been a struggle with record cold in November to coincide with my long runs (see picture near the end of last month's thread), and being extremely busy at work... made it hard to get the mileage up where I like it to be, and limited quality, too. So.... I went into it with a "soft" target of 3:45 and hoped for the best. Then the weather took a total turn to crap, and we ended up running in cold rain the whole time. Lost feeling in my hands just after the half point, and afterward it took forever to warm up. Still, I got it done and nailed my target with a 3:45:13, and 5th in age group. Good enuf for marathon #7 this year. Time for a bit of a recovery time for December before gearing up for Boston in April.


    What are you doing this month?

      It saddens me to see this group lose steam. I blame Facebook Smile


      Hope everyone is well.


      Erika, Congrats on your marathon--and hitting your target under such extreme conditions!


      This weekend, they announced that there will be a spring edition of the NorthCoast 24 Hour race. Just the motivation I need! That experience was the most fun Ive ever had racing..And I knew I couldnt travel across country to do another one. Im very excited to improve on my initial mileage total. Now, I just need to find the time to train. We are getting a treadmill in January. So that will help a ton.


      Kids are getting Christmas pics done Saturday. They will be up on Facebook and will post some here for Erika.

        Thanks, Murphy! I blame Facebook, too. But I'm not giving in. Joking  That's great about the NorthCoast 24 hour race. It would be cool to run something like that where the goal is to see how far you can get in a given time, vs how long it takes you to finish a given distance. Have fun with that!


        No running for me this week so far, although it's just Wednesday. I just don't see any need to rush into it and have been working out at the gym every day so it's all good. I'll still probably get enough miles this month to hit 2,400 for the year, which will be by far the most miles in a year ever for me.

        Happy Camper

          Congratulations on White Rock Erika!  Sorry you didn't get better conditions for it.  Dallas is a crapshoot this time of year just with the wind.  I think you ran great!


          Glad you're going for it again Murphy!  Thought of you when I heard of some of the problems at Las Vegas RNR this year.  I bet you're glad you passed on it.  Can't imagine that race continuing to draw a crowd with a 4:30 cut-off.  I had an offer to get in with a group going last minute and glad I decided my training would just mean a finish.  I didn't know about the cut-off and don't think I would have made it. 


          10-miler to race this morning. It will be in the teens so hope the wind is down.  No watches will be allowed but think I may be able to PR this one. 



          17F at the start, bright sun, little wind.  PR by almost 5 minutes.  1:16:38. 

          Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.

            Nice race, P2R! Was that one of those prediction runs? That's a really strong PR for you. Wow...


            No running at all this week. Well, I guess there's still tomorrow, and maybe I'll have time then. Just haven't had the time for is this week, so it's a good thing I wasn't planning on running much anyway. I have been going to the gym though, and did today before losing 2 hours of my life to shopping. 3.7 miles elliptical, 20 minutes of weights this afternoon with DH.

            Happy Camper

              It was a prediction race with no watches allowed.  The closest runner to the predicted time wins a cheese prize, farthest gets a sauerkraut prize. I got neither.  Winner was less than 30 seconds from predicted time. This race has been held contiuously since the mid-1970's.  Too bad there wasn't many computer forms in the early 1980's and I could have ran it back then.  I was around and running some back during college. Computer class used punch cards and crt's were a rare thing.   I predicted 1:20;00 , this being my sixth year to race it and never being able to get much under 1:22Tight lippedx before.  Interval work realy paid off as I was able to push it the last 1.5-miles trying to keep up with 3-other runners instead of just fading away down the stretch.  I think my HR must have been scary high as I had all kinds of afterglow the rest of Saturday.  I also was out late afternoon and evening shopping and the walking and crowds were brutal.  I might go lift weights this afternoon, I might not.  Sunny again today but I don't think running will happen.  I need the rest day. 

              Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.

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                That's a great way to fail badly on your prediction -- by running much faster - congratulations!

                It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

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                  I just ran my last PR of the year -- 15K this morning. Have had a great year for PRs--I expect it has to be my best year I'll ever have.

                  My 2011 PRs


                  dist PR delta
                  800M 2:36 3s
                  1500M 5:01 30s
                  1mi 5:10 1s
                  1mi 5:11 3s
                  3000M 10:25 24s
                  3200M 11:00 12s
                  5K 17:46 21s
                  5K 18:07 3s
                  5K 18:10 2s
                  5mi 29:50 1m25s
                  5mi 31:15 10s
                  10K 37:42 1m30s
                  15K 59? 4m?
                  10mi 1:03:45 2m01s
                  26.2K 1:49:13 6m54s
                  mara 3:13:21 3m21s
                  50mi 11:13:47 40m

                  It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

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                    Now there was some nice stupidity by myself at this morning's race. I forgot to reset my watch before the race. I was hitting mile markers about a mile off--I'd see mile marker 3 at about mile 4 or 4.2 or something. It is a two loop course and I just assumed they'd gotten the mile markers wrong.


                    I knew 9 would be right, because I'd jogged back to it from the finish. So after my watch hit 9, I expected to finally see a correct mile marker. Lo and behold, we hit mile marker 8. Hmm. My brain finally starts to work, and I wonder if the mile markers are right, and my watch is wrong.


                    Here is the funniest/stupidest part: at this point, and for many miles prior, I'm drafting the guy who has run every race in this series, every year, without missing any, for over 25 years. So it's not as though I have to ask someone who might be new to the course, or from out of town.


                    So after I see the 8, I ask him, do we really have another mile and a half!? He nods his head yes.


                    Wow. Discouragement courses through me; I'd been counting down the miles to keep myself going, but always a mile ahead of where I should be. I drop off a ways. In the last half mile or so, I start to catch back up to him -- why? - because I hear the guy behind me closing on me, and competitiveness overcomes discouragement and fatigue.


                    Hopefully I learned some kind of lesson, besides just that my mind doesn't function too well when I'm racing and tired.

                    It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                      What an incredible year you've had, Perry! Wow... but don't sell yourself short. I see no reason why you shouldn't just keep dropping your times; you're a running machine these days! Funny about the race and your watch. I did that once, really maddening. Glad you found the mojo to finish strong!


                      I will run today, even if it's just some treadmill miles. Can't go a full week without running when I'm not injured, that's just stupid.


                        Just checking in to say hi.


                        This will be a lower mileage year for me, just over 1000, so far... I wish I could get the motivation back to run more or be OK with running less.   Smile


                        Once again, Erika, super impressive marathon report.    Bummer that the weather was cold rain.  I've not run in those conditions before... and you still ran a 3:45?  That's amazing.


                        Hi Murphy!   You ALMOST make me want to do a 24 hour race.  Smile  Glad you're enjoying your kiddos.   Such a fun time.  Everyone tells you this, but they grow up so fast.   Mine are almost 11 and 8 years old.  


                        Excellent race, Bryan!   Not sure if I posted it or not, but I ran the Hot Chocolate 15K on 12/3 in 1:18.   If you want to read some irate reviews, see if you can google this race- Washington D.C.   It was crazy crowded... took forever to get to the start with standstill traffic, the course was right by traffic, etc....   I didn't really care, as I was with friends and we were running it for fun.    I'm actually surprised at how mad people were at the logistics side of it all.  What did they expect?    I read the reviews and all I could think was "I thought runners were supposed to be happy people"  I agree that the race was a mess in many ways, but I thought that might be the case.  I live here and have run a bunch of races in DC.  It's never easy to get anywhere... and they crammed 25,000 runners into an area called National Harbor.  I knew that it would be crazy.


                        Perry-  I loved your report.   Your competitiveness won out over your discouragement... that's pretty cool.  I know that had to be hard when you thought you were ahead.


                        I've been running with friends and really enjoying the socializing.  Last week,  I ran with my running group on a Christmas lights run, which was a blast.   Almost 3 miles straight uphill and then turn around and come back down.  It's a run I don't normally make it to, partially because it's at night, and also because it's about 5 or 6 miles from my house.


                        A friend gave us a nice treadmill.... I like to run outside, but it's nice to have the option, especially with kids.


                        Have a good one all!

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                          We did our Christmas lights run last night Smile

                          It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                            Merry Christmas, all!

                            Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


                              Merry Christmas!


                              Just did my own personal 10k before supper and opening presents.


                              A lot hillier than my neighborhood.   Glad to get a run in.