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Week of 5/2/2011 (Read 223 times)


    NameDistance ▼Time
    Amores Perros 83 mi 10:54:34
    CaraH 48.1 mi 7:20:26
    evanflein 45.8 mi 6:14:03
    jhallum 40.2 mi 5:36:34
    AussieGirl76 38.2 mi 5:22:22
    pace2race 37 mi 5:38:11
    WillRunForBeer 36.9 mi 5:24:39
    theyapper66 30.2 mi 4:45:31
    Bugs 23 mi 3:41:00
    dgb2n 21.8 mi 3:13:38
    irpete 20.5 mi 3:19:55
    Dutchie42 16.9 mi 3:20:08
    Kimmie 13 mi 2:02:15
    willamona 8.5 mi 1:08:39
    Cashmason 0 mi 0:00
    lilcat19 0 mi 0:00
    Murphy996 0 mi 0:00


    Happy Monday everyone!  A little happier at least around my office with the news last night. 


    The mileage race wasn't even close last week with Perry logging over 80.  First week over 40 by Jeremy in quite some time as well worthy of a mention.  It was also my first week over 20 in quite some time so I'm starting this week with some tweaky legs but glad to have gotten out there. 


    I seriously need to slow down though.  A little tweaky after 7.25 yesterday.


    Easy miles, everyone!

    I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.

      I officially retired from my 105 day running streak yesterday.  I spent all day boxing up stuff for us to move house, and decluttered and organized the bizzilian kids toys I have, not to mention the boatload of toys and clothes we gave to charity.  I kept putting off my run all day until it dawned on me that the whole running streak thing was at the point of being an inconvenience, and not fun anymore, so I had a day off and the world is still a beautiful place.  Especially my house, amazingly neat and tidy (I exaggerate, I have more to go). 


      We each need to run a mile this week for Murphy.  Did someone say he has a new baby?



        We each need to run a mile this week for Murphy.  Did someone say he has a new baby?


        He does.  A baby boy if I'm not mistaken (two children now).


        He posted something to Facebook yesterday.  I may have to urge him to post a couple of pics in here.

        I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.

          awwww that is very cool!!! 

          On the road again...

            Nice week, Jeremy.


            I seem to be getting back in the groove, but will wait to see how this week pans out before I get too confident.  I did run a faster than planned progression run for 5 miles this morning.  Felt really good, but the HR was up there.


            Here's to a great week for everyone, and especially our country.  Thankful for the brave troops out there getting it done.

            I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.


              80 miles, yikes. I have not even hit 40 mpw for awhile.


              Great to hear about baby #2!


              Aussie I spent my Saturday the same. Isn't it great to clean up.


              I did my first TRI yesterday, it was 35F and 20 mph wind. Terrible to bike with a side wind wanting to tip your bike. The swim was slow but enjoyable. I passed a swimmer who had a 30 second lead. Took me 6 minutes to change into warm clothes and he passed me in the transition. Sad Could not get my bike clips to snap in. Forgot to take my helmet off for the run and handed it to stranger. That was funny. Lots of good sportmanship. So much fun. My run pace was under 8 for four mile run. The run was miserable, shame on me for not doing bricks. Didn't feel strong to the end of the run. Need a sprint TRI with a half marathon for the run. Smile  Did a 12 mile long run after. Another TRI in five days, first TRI in lake in six weeks, and then likely all running races. I'm not going to jinx myself by saying fall plans, but I've yet to not run a marathon each year. Wink


                Yes, baby pictures!


                Good to see people getting in the groove, Jeremy, Dave and Paul come to mind.


                Congrats on your first tri, Bugs!  Sounds like it was a learning experience.  T1=6 minutes?  Oh my!  (I know I would be worse)


                Also congrats on your streak, Gen, both for keeping it up and for finishing it.  Smile


                I ran on sore calfs (calves?) this morning.  I will run only once more on the VFF this week before my half marathon this Saturday.  Then I will try to ramp up gradually.


                Pam said on my facebook page that she ran her first half in VFFs this weekend.  I didn't catch her time, though.

                Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


                    T1=6 minutes?  Oh my!  (I know I would be worse)



                  Don't get naked or pee.



                    I officially retired from my 105 day running streak yesterday.



                    That is amazing. Was never good at streaks, maybe 70 days was my longest. I know a guy that had a 30+ years streak. He landed in jail though and think that broke it. I'm afraid to ask him.


                      I think my longest streak is something like 15 days. That's enough for me. Congratulations on your streak Gen, and for knowing when to end it.


                      Yeah, I hope Murphy pops in here with baby pictures! He's been gone a long time...


                      Be careful doing those VFFs before a race, Lou. I'd be sore for many days after a change like that... How do little rocks feel with those? We have so many rocks all over, thrown up on the bike path by the four-wheelers. I always figured any sort of barefoot running would be painful around here... (saw lots of broken glass on my weekend runs, too).


                      I ran 10 miles on Saturday when the "plan" was 7. It was a really nice day and I needed to get up to campus to pick up my car so it all worked fine. Then yesterday the plan was 14 and it was windy (for us, nothing like what Bugs dealt with) so it felt like I had a headwind the whole way. I'm really not good at running in the wind, I feel like I'm going so slow, so work too hard to try to "maintain" pace. But it's all an allusion, and I just end up working too hard to run too fast. So... 14 miles at 8:03 average pace. Oops. It was a good cutback week though, and I think I'm ready to tackle a big week with a 10/20 this weekend.

                        CONGRATS MURPHY!!!


                        CONGRATS Bugs on your first TRI! I have yet to do one and I doubt  I ever will since I am a HORRIBLE swimmer! Good luck to you this weekend.


                        HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOU!!!


                        Well as Lou said I ran my Half Mary this weekend in Vibrams. Yesterday was not my day to reach the time I wanted. My lips were dry at the start which surprised me since I drank a ton of water the day before (was outside all day). I started off with the 1:45 pacer but by the at each water stop he kept getting further away. By the 4th water stop I stopped carrying. I was overheating and I knew it so I backed off to avoid the crash and burn. I finished in 1:48:45. This might be a little TMI but I couldn't pee until around 12:30 pm (last time before was around 7 am) and I felt like I was burning up all day. After a cold shower I took my temperature and it was 99.6. I've always known I don't race good in heat which is why I turned to ultras during the summer. 


                        Anyway 5 miles this morning. I bought some Brooks racers4 at the expo and tried them out today and loved them. Hope everyone is having a good Monday!


                        OH and my youngest son did a 1 mile "race" on Saturday (his first) and did it in 9:27 ( 4:46 first half 4:41 second half!

                        Your toughness is made up of equal parts persistence and experience. You don't so much outrun your opponents as outlast and outsmart them, and the toughest opponent of all is the one inside your head." - Joe Henderson

                          Be careful doing those VFFs before a race, Lou. 


                          Yes, exactly.  I had been planning to run every other day with them this week (Tue, Wed, Sun because race is Sat), but instead I'll run one more time (Wed), assuming my calves are not too sore on Wednesday.  I'll probably limit it to two miles.  I should be good to go by Saturday.


                          This definitely isn't a goal race for me, anyway, although I may run it with Tramps from master's forum so I might want to see if I can keep up with him.  He's staying overnight at our place.


                          Regarding little rocks, I did notice that one felt a bit funny near the end, and one small rock had stuck in the tread.  But I don't think rocks are too bad, especially if they don't stick.

                          Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

                            Good finish for a tough race though, Pam! You definitely overheated so good that you scaled back the effort a bit.


                            And yes, I meant to say congratulations to Bugs for that Tri! Like Pam, I don't do the swimming thing very well and that's sort of scared me off from Tri's in general, but I admire the hell out of everyone who does these!

                              Pam - I hate racing when it's hot -- sorry it wasn't the right day for you.

                              Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

                              Hail to The Victors!

                                Bummer that this weekend wasn't your weekend.  Hope you find a good day to go out soon and get after it!


                                9 today with 3 tempo miles.  felt like I was flying today, even though I was only going 7:15s.  found a nice little groove and just rolled with it.  I'm not really worrying about any sort of goal pace on those, I just want to get some faster running in, once we get into June/July, and I'm back into the 50s or so, then I can start worrying about goals.  For now, it's just all about enjoying every minute on the roads (which I sure did today).  Was only supposed to go 8, but the loop turned out to be 9.  Tells you how much I do that distance around the house, I usually do that kind of middle distance from work at lunch.