Marathon Trainers


March 2012 (Read 206 times)



    Sorry about the Rock-n-Roll race. If you can, I'd still go get my shirt. I got mine, and love it.



    Ya, Boston in a week!! How exciting.


    I started up running/walking two weeks ago after seeing a PT running injury specialist in the cities,, 70 miles away. She said my glutes are little weak, and my feet are way too flexible, but really she didn't know, and thinks my pain, which is mostly my feet, but everywhere from my back to my knees is a physiology problem. But today, I did an 4.5 mile run/walk in an hour and felt great, I'll take it. 


    I went to a Chi Running class yesterday. Must easier to learn in the class, but is going to take practice to get it right. It does seem easier on the body. If I could run with the instructor more, which might be possible, I will definitely give it a try.



      Eek! No! Boston is two weeks from today (EEK)!! Last week was my last big running week before taper. I made it, 20.3 miles in 2:49 but with a few stops along the way. Still, I'm glad to be done with that and now look forward to just doing it.