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Week of 5/16/11 (Read 290 times)

On the road again...

    Nice week, Bryan.  Could somebody please drive down to my neck of the woods and kick my butt so I can get out of this bad funk?  I've been running, but my mileage is low and even a week in the 20's feels like work.  Bleh.


    pace2race  60.2 mi 9:07:00
    Amores Perros 48.2 mi 6:27:54
    evanflein  44.1 mi 6:02:58
    AussieGirl76 42 mi 5:17:54
    WillRunForBeer 41.7 mi 6:19:20
    jhallum 32.6 mi 4:38:53
    irpete 29.8 mi 4:43:05
    Dutchie42 28.8 mi 5:37:27
    theyapper66 24.1 mi 3:39:20
    Kimmie  19.1 mi 3:15:54
    Bugs 18 mi 2:37:00
    dgb2n  10.6 mi 1:37:58
    Cashmason  10.3 mi 1:47:09
    lilcat19 3.2 mi 30:25

    I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

      I'm in the car now, see you in six days.


        I would offer some assistance but franky I'm in no position to kick anyone's butt on running.


        I squeezed in 3 runs last week which was good but still not what I should be doing.  Then my wife and I did some plyometrics type exercise and thrashed my legs so I'm a little gimpy anyway.


        Even Perry had an off week. 


        Maybe it's the heat?

        I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.

          heh, Paul -- you could just do what I do and run before you've awakened and know what's going on Smile


          Dave - just say "no" to plyometrics


          Yesterday we did 5 on the trails, then another 3 on what turned out to be a really big hill on the roads.  So today's 3 recovery miles were on tired legs.

          Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

            how'd that beer turn out? (non beer drinker here).


            I have a half coming up in a couple of weeks and it's really hilly (10 minute difference between it and another local half that I ran last year).  Found someone competitive to do it with, so it'll be good.  12 on Saturday, and afterwards felt like it was my first 12 ever!  6 on Sunday.  I've thought about today's run, but that's about as far as I've gotten.  I think I've spent more time thinking about the key lime pie in my fridge than my run. 


              Hey. Gen, you wanna see a hilly race? I did this yesterday. Smile


              First time I'd done this race. I've wanted to for years but never got up the gumption to "get up and go." It's one of those small local goofy things, run on the hilly back roads north of town. First three miles are almost straight up. Feels like you'll never stop going "up." Then the next 8 miles are mostly downhill and oh man what a blast that was! I had so much fun tearing down the road, passing all those people who'd passed me on the uphill. I do the "run/walk" thing up steep hills, and I think some runners just feel that's not real running. Whatever. I've got more oomph in my legs on the downhill part and left them behind when all was said and done. 1:29:51 and 9th for the women. No age groups, just the gals and guys. I beat a couple of really fast locals and only one woman older than me was ahead of me in the finish. Very happy with this.


              Spent the rest of the day doing yard work, finally. My poor perennials were looking pretty dry and neglected.


              Lou, what's a "session" beer?


              Paul, get your butt out the door!!

              On the road again...

                That's some hill, Erika.  Wow.


                Thanks for all the kicks in the butt.  I ran 45 minutes.  Felt good.  Of course, getting out the door hasn't been a problem as much as running well once I 'm out.  I think I've just focused way too much on mileage, pace, or a combination of both.  This week, I'm going to try to focus on running by time instead and see if that helps me get over whatever it is I'm in.  I'm not too worried about it.  I just keep reminding myself of what I felt like almost 4,000 miles ago...

                I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.


                  Good idea, Paul. I've done that before. When I don't feel like going out for "5 miles," I tell myself it's only 45 minutes, get out there and do it. Sometimes, 45 minutes just doesn't sound that bad even when I didn't want to think of doing 5 miles. Mind tricks, whatever works.


                  4.5 easy miles at lunch. Legs a little creaky at first but got over it. Really nice day out there.

                  On the road again...

                    Yep.  I ran 45 minutes today and felt better than on most of my recent runs.  Ended up covering about the same distance.  Weird how the mind works.

                    I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

                      I tell myself that I'm going to run 2.5 miles, I just do it twice.

                        holy smokes those hills don't look like fun!  Surprised


                        good for you!


                          Morning you all!


                          I hear you on the funk, Paul.   Mine's lasted a year.... Smile   Kind of- not really that bad.... but I do want to get back to "racing shape"


                          We had our Girls on the Run Spring 5K  Sunday morning.   I ran with Darby again and she ran her fastest time ever in 34:14, which was 6 minutes faster than this particular course last year.  It's seriously hilly (not Erika hilly)  but I wonder if they could find a tad easier course for a bunch of 8-11 year old beginner runners.   She did great, though, and had a serious kick at the end.   


                          6 miles this morning with a friend.  I do the mind tricks, too.  Gen, that's funny.  Sometimes I tell myself, You only have to run 5 miles out on the trail,  but you just have to get back.


                          Erika- You are amazing and inspiring!   Great job!


                          What races are coming up for everyone?   I have the Zooma Half in 2 and a half weeks.

                            well once you're on your way back it doesn't matter how many miles are left...because you're on your way back.  Perhaps my brain is easier to trick  :-)


                            Fastest time by 6 minutes, very cool!


                            Hospital Hill half in a couple of weeks, the race famous for adding 10 mins to your best half time.


                            I was thinking of doing another half two weeks later and get more into doing half's (halves) as opposed to the weekly long run.  Close-ish to the same distance (give or take 3.1 miles) and will get me more experience in racing/pacing.

                            On the road again...

                              That's awesome about your daughter's 6 min improvement, Kim.  That's the kind of thing that really makes a young runner feel like running pays off, isn't it?


                              45 minutes with 3 miles of tempo @ 8:08 in the middle.  Felt great.  Temps in the upper 50s with a steady drizzle probably helped.


                              In unrelated news, looks like I'm the coach of my sons' middle school XC team next fall.  Yikes!  Looking for suggestions on how to approach that one (i.e., pre-season summer running, in-season workouts).  Anything really cause I've never done this before.

                              I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

                                how'd that beer turn out? (non beer drinker here).


                                heh, won't know until it's done fermenting in a couple of weeks (sorry about the non-beer drinking part, though Smile )


                                Erika, a session beer is relatively low alcohol, hopefully good flavor, something you would drink several of in a "session", but without getting too trashed.


                                Ran 8 yesterday, GA pace (8:24/mi), but on tired logs from trails on Sunday, so didn't run tempo as planned.  I'm headed out for 5 now.




                                5.1 easy, about 9:15/mi


                                Paul, nice run.  We all go through motivation peaks and troughs.  You're on the upswing now.


                                Nice race, Erika!!  Wow, those hills!

                                Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |