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Week of 2/8/2010 (Read 178 times)


    dcv2002 102.4 Mi 13:30:30
    willamona 74.2 Mi 13:30:00
    jhallum 57.6 Mi 8:05:06
    CaraH 54 Mi 8:45:39
    pace2race 45 Mi 6:48:02
    Bugs 42 Mi 6:30:33
    HuskerB 40.7 Mi 6:25:25
    rockenmamof5 40.3 Mi 6:42:31
    evanflein 40 Mi 5:47:52
    VixiDu 37.7 Mi 6:12:31
    lilcat19 34.2 Mi 5:25:34
    WillRunForBeer 32.6 Mi 4:51:19
    Kimmie 28.6 Mi 4:51:06
    Dutchie42 27.3 Mi 5:15:47
    theyapper66 19.5 Mi 3:25:48
    Cashmason 16.4 Mi 2:51:13
    dgb2n 5 Mi 46:37


    New week, we need a mileage summary Dave.


    More snow here.


    I got a big toe issue, ingrown toe nail maybe. Hurts, throbs. See Doc on Thursday. This could be a minor set-back, still running but it does hurt.



      good morning you guys!

      sorry about your toe, Bugs.  It's funny how much a toe can affect everything.... hope you get it fixed quick.

      Still challenging out there.  I won't run in the dark and risk slipping on ice.  If DH gets home early (unlikely)  I will run outside, otherwise, I'll hope that the gym is open and head there.  I've never seen anything like this blizzard- everything has shut down.

      Hope your road is plowed now, Lou.  They just can't seem to keep up.  I don't even think that we'll have school this whole week because there's supposed to be more snow tomorrow- 10 inches.    I feel like once Spring gets here, I will be running around with arms swinging, singing Born Free.... Smile

      This weekend is the Myrtle Beach Marathon where I am supposed to run the end with my cousin... His goal is 4:30.  He has been training around 11 minute pace, he told me, but he also said he hasn't gotten as much training in as he wanted to... I hope I can help him, though.   I plan to run before finding him at mile 20... I'd like to get some miles in myself, too.  So, we'll see how it goes.  I'm hoping that driving out of here on Friday won't be that bad with all of this snow.   

        Sorry about your toe, Bugs

        We did finally get plowed, Kimmie, in the middle of the football game.  Consequently the homebrewer club couldn't come help eat the 4 gallons of chili but we rounded up the neighbors and had a good party anyway.  Of course they only had my beer to drink but I didn't hear any complaints -- they were being polite.

        So we got to run a few on the snow/ice in our yaktrax this morning.  It's going to be rough until some of this melts, I think, as the cul-de-sacs are spotty the way they are cleared.

        Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

          Yeah right, they were being polite. So they didn't mind being the second string invitees?

          And that hilly route yesterday was the hills right behind my house. We're at about 800 ft (850?) and right behind our house the roads go just about straight up. It's low gear in the car kind of stuff. Legs are tired this morning, but not too bad. I might take the day off completely, or might hit the pool after work. We'll see.


          Sorry about that toe, Bugs. I hate that throbbing and yes it takes over your whole body. Stupid toes.

          On the road again...

            In-grown toenails are the worst!  Sorry, Bugs.

            Had a great run to star the week - a tick over 4 miles at a nice quick pace.  Almost topped 20 last week, but definitely will this week.  I'll be glad when I'm back in the 30 mile/week range.  I loved the way I felt then.

            Hang in there with all the snow, everyone.  Spring will surely come.

            I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

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              Hope you guys get to see pavement and sidewalks again someday. Had a comfortable 6mi run around local island area roundabout sunset -- very pretty. Some icicles were hanging at angles -- that was funny looking.


              B: Best of luck with toe.

              It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                10 - 20 more inches of snow expected starting late tomorrow.

                Oh joy. 

                Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


                  I was right... they've cancelled school for the whole week...   like Lou said, 10-20 expected tomorrow.

                  I REALLY hope I can get a run in at the gym tomorrow.

                  On the road again...

                    Kim and Lou - you guys are getting hammered again?  Wow.  Hope you don't go too nutty indoors!

                    Probably a rest day today, but I'm keeping my options open if I feel like a run later in the rain.  

                    Have a great day, guys!

                    I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.


                      For some reason, I thought I started the thread this week.  Must not have hit the "post" button.


                      Believe it or not, I capitalized on some great weather out here in Monterey, CA this week.  5 yesterday morning.  6.3 this morning.  Trying to make up for that great mileage last week (ouch, 5 miles).


                      Hope our DC crew is getting enough to eat and dealing with the snow.

                      I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.


                      Hawt and sexy

                        We are under winter warning here for the third time in two weeks.  It looks like this one is for real.  We might have a foot of snow before the end of this one.  Or we might get nothing.  The last one was supposed to send us 6 inches and we got about a half an inch.  Thank goodness the manslave has a very well stocked bar, just in case.


                        So, the Olympics are almost here.  That means Apolo is going to be on the tv.  I am pretty much locking myself into my apartment and watching the Olympics as much as possible. 

                        I'm touching your pants.



                          Make sure you got lots of Mountain Dew and quality vodka. Num!



                           We missed your witty summary. I imagine it might have said, "Bugs decided she hated running, and stopped training, and then she found her marbles and ran 42 miles last week".


                          8 miles of hills tonight on TM. Tomorrow I play in snow.


                            I think we have 11" of new snow, and they're talking about another bunch and blizzard conditions, including 50mph winds.  We're taking the day off.  PDR ran 3 miles in this, but I was a slacker.  Well, actually my ham is bothering me and I should take today off anyway.  The issues with my left leg are getting old.

                            Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

                            Hawt and sexy

                              No snow yet.  But we have rum. 

                              I'm touching your pants.


                                umm..... I am going a little crazy.

                                Stay tuned for more......