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On the road again...

    If I start a thread, that means I'm officially back, right? Wink


    Legs felt so good last week even after that mountain run, but I didn't run at all.  Mini vacation with my wife and a conference Fri and Sat pushed running down the list.  I hate that, too, because my total in January was more than probably anytime in the last 6 months or so.  At any rate, ran 3 this morning.  I just wish I didn't feel like a middle school boy who doesn't know what to do with his body when I run.  Feels like I have absolutely no rhythm and that makes running a lot less fun for me.


    But, the only way to get back in running shape is to run back into it.


    Hope February is a great month for everyone!

    I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

    Happy Camper

      Nice work Paul.  Mini vacations with DW are much better priorities.  Running will happen, time with others is what matters.


      Started the month by leveling up into a new age group.  Offically entered the older than 50 crowd.  Big grin Raced 5k last Saturday.

      Splits were awful but it was a pr by over 30 seconds.  This is a loop course with an uphill that gets done 3 times.  It's usally one of my slowest 5k times of the year.  Hopefully I can improve some more.  Think I could have just made it under 21 minutes if I hadn't been so suprised at being that close the last loop.  Ended up 3rd in age group and won something at this one for the first time.  I will enjoy it.  My birthday is just before a couple of others and I got to avoid their sub 20 times.


       TypeDistanceTimeTotal TimePaceAvg HRMax HRNotes
      1 Interval 1 mi 6:19.70 6:19.70 6:20 167 176  
      2 Interval 1 mi 6:58.77 13:18.47 6:59 177 180  
      3 Interval 1 mi 7:13.56 20:32.03 7:14 179 182  
      4 Interval 0.1 mi 0:36.90 21:08.93 6:09 180 182

      Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.


        Hi, not better at posting but I am logging.


        I have restarted my attempt to run post plantar fasciitis. You might have to start calling me barefoot bugs. A year ago, on a whim i bought a pair of vib five but was afraid I would get injured. I have nothing to loose now, so I started running in them some. They stretch my arches, which seems to be the key to keep the PF from flaring up. I run in them very little, but walking in them helps not need the awfully uncomfortable night stint. PF is really a very persistent injury, and I really think there should be better advice and treatment plans out there.


        Between my kettle bells class and my masters swim class, and then biking with that I am too exhausted to miss running. I am envious when I hear of people running even just five miles, and long runs of ten or more seem out of reach. But I know years ago I felt the same about swimming, and now here I am swimming miles several times a week. Seems I should be training for triathlon, but need to be able to run 3-4 miles. I'll get there, I believe that most days, and for now it sure is nice just doing whatever I want for workouts and putting on more muscle than I ever had just running.


        Erika, glad the ankle is better, thought o you often, hoping for a quick recovery.



          I am with you Bugs.   I had pf  last year  and it took forever to heal.


          And I still can't swim.    I can squat and dead lift though,  and indoor cycle.


          4 miles is now my long run.   Pathetic,  but it is what it is.   Will have to spend more time running if I want to get better.


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          Moving Time


          Elevation Gain

          Elevation Loss

          Avg Pace

          Avg Moving Pace

          Best Pace


          Summary 32:28.9 32:14.0 4.03 0 0 8:04 8:00 6:46 605
          1 8:11.4 8:13 1.00 0 0 8:11 8:13 6:46 147
          2 7:55.8 7:49 1.00 0 0 7:56 7:49 6:48 152
          3 8:08.6 8:10 1.00 0 0 8:09 8:10 6:55 151
          4 8:00.4 7:54 1.00 0 0 8:00 7:54 6:50 151
          5 :12.6 :08 0.03 0 0 7:31 4:46 7:09 4


          I dont understand different moving times  I never stopped running.


            No carriage returns in posts when I post from ipad, weird.


            Cash, you are a great swimmer.


            Pace happy birthday!! You are young again. Time to kick those 59ers butts. 


            2500 yards in the pool this morning, felt really good.



              2 miles today, wish they were as fast as Cash!


              On the road again...

                Did a bit of speed work last night.  3 1-mile repeats with half mile recovery.  Ran the miles around 8:35 pace.  Total of 6 miles.

                I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

                Happy Camper

                  Nice work Paul! Spring ended today and we are sliding back to Winter. Group run starts about a mile from my house tomorrow but it will be single digits. Hope I make it! Eight easy paced miles this morning. Bailed on weights. Looks like I won't make the gym again until Sunday.

                  Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.

                  On the road again...

                    Brrrr.  Single digits?  We've not seen those all winter.  It is supposed to be 20° in the morning, though.


                    13 long, slow miles this morning.  Was supposed to go 18 but didn't.  Shoot me.

                    I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.


                      I'm having lots of those "shoulda run xx but didn't" lately. Got in 8 miles yesterday in nice temps (around 30°Wink and sunny. We're having unbelievably nice conditions now, after suffering through the 5th coldest January for us since these things have been recorded. Lovely. But, it's getting lighter now, and we're in a nice mile stretch and I feel pretty good. Well, nothing hurts, but I'm way out of shape and lazy. Oh well. Looking at getting some good runs in this weekend and trying to get back on track... Like Paul said, the only way to get back in running shape is to run back into it!


                      Nice to see Cash running a bit. And Bugs that avatar of yours is truly lovely.


                      Happy Birthday, Bryan! You're really 60?? Don't believe it...

                      Happy Camper

                        50! Don't make it worse than it is! Very cold and sunny 12.5 this morning with the group. Headed to the river to hear some music this evening. Should be a good time with DW on the bluff.

                        Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.


                          Ok, that sounds better. I read this: "Offically entered the older than 50 crowd." as being older than the 50's as a decade.

                          Good run for you, by the way.


                          10.6 miles in 28° and pretty good footing. A good run, longer and a little faster than intended, but I'm happy with it for where I am. The test will be tomorrow... I still want to run 15.


                            Happy Birthday Erika! 50 is the new 30. I'm turning 40 sooner, and that means that is the new 20 right?


                            3 miles of walk/run. Met my running partner this morning. She was so glad to have me. I was so glad to walk some.


                            Headed to the cities with TRI friends to have a running analysis done. Is done by a physical therapist and people swear by her.



                              Heh, not my birthday... I had my 50th over 2 years ago! This time it was Bryan's turn.


                              You still having problems Bugs? Hope the analysis turns up some answers.


                              15.2 miles for me yesterday... several stops along the way for water and warm ups. It wasn't really cold (25°Wink but I got sweaty the first half of the run, so the second half, as it cooled down a bit, had my hands freezing. I could feel a chill creeping in where I couldn't warm up my hands no matter what. Stopped with less than a mile to go to take off my gloves in a building foyer and warm up a bit. I just had to go over a hill to the rec center, where DH was and all my stuff (and a hot shower) but I don't think I would've made it without that warm up. Well... of course I would've made it, but the chill would've been much much worse. As it was, I was in the hot shower over half an hour before I felt warmed up.

                              46.5 miles for the week; nice to see the mileage getting back up there.


                                Happy Birthday Brian.



                                Yup, I'm still hurt. 


                                Analysis was very interesting. Sorry this is long, but thought you would all find it interesting...


                                The lady is a retired physical therapist. 17 years ago she was in a very bad accident that left her in pain and no one could help her. She does this part-time at the shoe store. She has lots of clients that come to her each time they need shoes. (If nothing has changed they are not charged the $30 analysis fee.) I've been around chiropractors, acupuncture, and podiatrist and she impressed me more than any one. 


                                First she said if you have plantar fascities you MUST NOT do these things.

                                1. No stretching

                                2. No icing

                                3. No ibuprofen

                                4. Do not roll your foot on anything. E.g. golf ball

                                5. No deep massage


                                She if you do this, it will be better in a few weeks:

                                1. Strengthen the arches. (Pickup marble/sock straight up) 100 / day / foot

                                2. Wear strawsburg socks at night (been bad at this,, but I will now)

                                3. Very warm epsom salt bath every day. 


                                You must run like this:

                                1. Run like you're trying to run on a balance beam, it provides better balance

                                2. Run with your elbows going back. (Read this in Chi-Running too) Run with your thumbs up, like your Fonsi (?) from Happy Days

                                3. Run with your knees bent. (you land softer)


                                Her analysis of me was: "Wow you've been hurt for a while." My answer, "Yes, seriously for the last six months, but for years I've gotten progressively worse. I've had therapy, ran less, cross trained but none of it has helped. " I cried a little because just the emotions of carrying hurt came out when talking about it. She said: My back and pelvis is tilted. My right side was higher than my left. My one glute was not firing when I ran. My feet muscle are not helping me at all, and causing problems all the way up my body.. (I feel it too) The girls I went with said that when she would point things out, it was really obvious something was not right. Then when I ran with the shoes and inserts it was a huge change. 


                                She put me in inserts and Brooks Defiance 5s, but took her lots of trying to pick the right shoe and insert. She showed us the difference in the shoes (all neutral). E.g. some really curve in and others go straight. some have a heel and others don't.


                                Three of us went, we all have some PF, we all got different shoes. I need to go back in three months, she expects the shoes/inserts to help my muscular issues and may need different shoes at that point. I am suppose to wear the shoes for regular use too.  


                                I think worth $180, I hope