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    Good morning!  New week...

    No time to chat this morning.  Smile

    2.5 miles, 29:50, 12:08/mi, AHR 123 (63% MHR)

    Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

    Happy Camper

      Good Monday morning Lou and everyone!  No swim yesterday, rainout this morning and out of town meeting tomorrow means no swim again.   Did plant trees ( white pine, autumn blaze maple and red bud ) and mulched a pickup load which made my back, butt and leg cranky.  I will have to walk the dog tonight or do something.  Can't let 3 days go by with nothing.

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        I'll catch up later and attempt a summary.


        Amazing long run, Erika.  Textbook.

        I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.

        On the road again...

          Hey all.

          Busy day today, but up early and out the door for 5.75 miles.

          I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

            P2R, when I was first on my meds I felt so good I spent hours and hours doing yard and garden work. Of course, I wasn't in shape to do that and as the meds wore off I realized I'd very much so overdone it. Give yourself a break and be easy on it.


            Thanks, Dave. Better yet is how good I feel today. That cold water soak, while painful on the toes, is a miracle worker, IMO.


            Cash, what's the new dog's name? I'm sure she'd like to be referred to by name vs. "the new dog."


            No run today, starting my 2-week taper thing with a pool running day.


              New dog's name is Mara.... short for Marathon.    Right now she can run 2-3 miles, but after that her paws get tender.


              She is about 1 year old, we adopted her from the Humane society.  Yes she is a mutt.  However she is already spayed,  and housebroken, and knows sit, stay and come.   Not so good on down.  Great with people and kids.    Not so comfortable with other dogs close to her.  She is used to having  aggressive dogs in the kennels next to her.


              If I figure out how to post pics here I will post a couple of her.

              On the road again...

                Great news on the new dog, Cash.  My kids are really wanting to get a pup (and I'd be happy about it, too).  Just got to convince the only vote that matters (hopefully she'll say yes).

                I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

                Hail to The Victors!

                  Cool about the dog, Cash!  Great to hear!

                  Killer 20, Erika!  That's really awesome to see!

                  6x800 on the track today.   Not very good at all, with splits spread all over the place...I have a long way to go.


                    Paul, you and your kids sound exactly like my family...  I love dogs but know that they are a lot of work, so.... we'll see if their begging ever convinces me.  Smile

                    5.5 easy after Body Pump class-  love that class... .  it has a crazy amount of everything and I can feel that I am getting stronger.

                    Tomorrow I am holding my first ever running clinic at the gym.  I think I will mostly focus on stretching and strength training to improve your running.  AH!!  What if no one shows up?  Smile

                      Nice run Erika!


                      Good day everyone!


                      Nice name Cash. Hope you figure out the picture thing soon, would love to see pictures of her!



                      Getting to the track is AWESOME Jeremy! I'm sure it won't be as long as you think!



                      Nice run Kimmie!! Good luck tomorrow! Hope at least a few peeps show up, I'm sure you have ALOT to offer!



                      As for me I got a 6 mile run in this morning. Had planned on doing 2 runs before kids got home but Kallie tore her neck open while I was gone (even with her cone on) so I can't leave her sight until the meds kick in enough she's not so itchy *sigh*. Not sure how much more any of us can take of this including Kallie Sad


                      I'm hoping to get a run in after dh gets home but it's not looking that promising.

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                        I'm skipping reading about all of your runs because I don't want to get too envious 

                        5.0 miles, 1:02:00, 12:17/mi, AHR 129 (66% MHR) (walking)

                        Cash, Mara is a great name for a dog!

                        Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

                        On the road again...

                          Hope your clinic goes well, Kim.

                          I'm still amazed at Erika's 20 mile run last week.

                          Me?  3 miles, 30 minutes, 100% humidity.

                          I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.


                            Hope your clinic goes well, Kim.

                            I'm still amazed at Erika's 20 mile run last week.

                            Me?  3 miles, 30 minutes, 100% humidity.


                              Hi guys.


                              Erika - Wow your 20...geez. How do you maintain that kind of fitness? You rock.

                              WRFB, you are my hero. I threw in the towel with the XTing, and now I wish I hadn't. I also wish I had watched the diet closer.


                              Pam, I wish I was as tough as you.


                              Kim, How'd the class go?


                              Cash, We need pictures of the dog!


                              My IT-band is fine, the graston beat it up but feels like a baby's bottom now, but my hamstrings are still tighter than I like. Lots of stretching and exercise is helping much more than rest. I am toeing the line at Grandmas as long as no problems before then. I have not ran much the last three weeks so I'm not expecting to run a PR or even try, but I want to be at the starting line with my friends, I want to be a part of the run, I would like the metal. If I need to drop out I will.


                              The weather is forecasted hot and muggy, typical Grandmas, but sounds like perfect weather for a walk around the lake after a 16 mile run.  I figure worst case I drop out. I'm sure it would be more sensible person would just take the DNS. If I was sensible I would have signed up for the half. So wish me luck.


                                Hey Bugs, nobody said sensible had to be too big a part of the equation. Go have fun. Your approach is going to be like mine for more races, I think. I will try to do well in Seattle, but if it's not my day then so be it. I'd like to improve my time for Boston, but it's not a biggie; I'm already qualified with my lousy NYC run.


                                How do I maintain the fitness? Well, this has been a tough break to come back from. But in general I cross train like a bandit. I didn't do so much pool running this time around, and more time on the elliptical. I think that was a problem. I believe beyond doubt now that pool running DOES maintain your running fitness better than anything else. I think if I'd done more of that I'd have been in better shape when I started up 3 weeks ago. The best news about Sunday's 20 miler is how good I felt afterwards and the next couple of days. No soreness and I felt like I could've run yesterday, but I stuck to the plan and did 30 minutes in the pool.