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JUNE 2012!! (Read 100 times)


    Come on you guys, over here to the June thread!!


    Bugs, so sorry to hear that update, and while I sure hope it is NOT RA, it will be good to have a firm diagnosis. Unfortunately, you do meet the demographic for that disease. Over on the Master's forum is a runner by the name of Lamerunner. She's got RA, mainly in her ankles but it really affects the entire body. She's running, and she swims too, and keeps at it almost no matter what. She ran Boston this year. You should look her up and send a private message if you want to see how she manages.


    But, congrats on finishing that tri, and I admire your determination to keep going thru this. The worst thing you could do is give up and pull back.


    Murphy, I sure hope you figure out your problem, too. It very well could be fatigue and stress, but good to check it out to rule out anything more serious. That being said, fatigue and stress are serious conditions as well. Take care of yourself, friend.


    Woohoo Paul on the -22 pounds! That's awesome. I'm sure you'll notice a difference this fall.


    Anyone hear from Pace2Race lately? Jeremy? Perry??


    I ran a lot last week (around 55 miles if I recall), and a lot the week before (around 53?), so this week will be less, in the low 40's. It seems like I can do a couple of big weeks in a row, but then I need to pull it back a bit. Two rest days this week, one I really needed (Monday) but the other was just a scheduling snafu (Wednesday). But, it's all good. I ran 6.4 tempo run, or progressive pace, with an average of 7:47 yesterday. Today will be in the 8-10 range, don't care how fast. Got a 10k on the 23rd that starts at 10 p.m. (Midnight Sun Run) and I'd like to win my age group but also finish pretty high in overall standings. Last year I won my age group in all my series races but was back far enough overall to get knocked out of end of year standings. Would like to avoid that this year, if possible.


    Ok, that's enough from me. Happy Father's day to all you dads!


      Hellow...! Knock, Knock, Knock... is this thing on? How's everyone holding up to the heat?

      On the road again...

        I hear you.  Lots of groups I'm in are quiet this week.  Not sure why, could be heat exhaustion!


        Our summer hasn't been too bad until this week, but we're now in a stretch of I think 6 straight 90°+ days.  Early morning runs (before 6) are still in the 70s and humid.  This is the part of the year that I hate, but it does seem to always translate into faster times in the fall. 

        I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

          im here. not running though. Another appt with cardiologist Monday..just being super cautious making sure Im all good..


            Hang in there Murphy, hope all turns out ok.


            Warm here too. Almost hot (for us) but nothing like you guys are dealing with. We'll see temps in the low to (maybe) mid-80's the next couple of days, and its clear, sunny and dry... like less than 30% humidity most days. It's currently 77° and 28% and I just got back from 7.3 miles. Lost almost 4 lbs in that hour of running! When it's so dry it's easy to get dehydrated without much work, gotta be sure to drink!

            On the road again...

              Got in a nice 7 miles this morning.  Soaking wet when I got back, so time for a shower and then later an Insanity workout which means another shower. Roll eyes

              I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.


                Zippity doo dah for distance but experimenting with Pose running at crossfit.


                half mile in 3:35  and the effort from the legs seemed easy.  But I has huffing and puffing like 

                a steam engine.   Breathing was way harder/ faster than for the effort that I felt  I was putting out.


                Picking up the heels to the butt seems to take more energy,  but the leg swing seems so much easier.