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    Very easy 3 this morning, legs a bit sore from yesterday's race.  But not too sore.  I was thinking during the race how much easier it is to run a 10 mile race than a marathon Smile

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    On the road again...

      Funny, Lou.  I think the opposite when I run my 10 mile runs in prep for a marathon. "You mean I still have to double this AND add a 10k?"  Shocked

      I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.


        Hi Guys! Can't believe Lou is racing already. Nice Running!


        Kim, Great Job on the Award, very cool.


        I had to post my race photo from the Mankato Half.




        One of my better ones.


        Found a full can of beer running, but found it the hard way. SInce the kiddos collect cans I always pick up the cans found. I find TONS, people are pigs. I went to crunch it flat and here it was a full one. Yikes I was covered with beer. But then I kept running and found a dollar bill. What luck.


        My magic plan for the winter is to get really good at running hills. Been doing them 2-3 times a week. This week is a bit of cut-back because I have a 5K on Saturday. Oh I suck at 5Ks and marathons this year. The mid-distance races I have done very well, but on those I came up empty. So I'm thinking they might be my goals for next year.



          One of my better ones.




          I think most of the pictures I have seen of you are good, but I agree this one is most excellent.


          Official results from yesterday's race are posted -- we had a good day!  Unfortunately, we couldn't stay for the awards ceremony, but I guess we can go to the Y and pick up our hardware.



          Lou - 2/17 division (missed 1st by almost 4 minutes), 27/294 OA, 19/130 men

          Harriet - 1/3 division (by 15 min over 2nd place), 142/294 OA, 44/159 women


          Harriet would have been 3/16 if these were 10 year divisions -- definitely not a bad result


          Note 5 bandits were not counted in gender or division, but were counted in OA placement

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            Great photo of Bugs. And congrats to Lou & Harriet both on placing!

            It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

            On the road again...

              Bugs - that is an awesome picture, one I'd be tempted to get poster sized and hang up somewhere if it were me.  Big grin


              Nice AG placement for you and Harriet, Lou.  I'm gonna need to start placing in some races if I hope to keep my membership in the Blister club.


              Did 5 recovery miles today, and I mean recovery.  Legs were very stiff, and so I went nice and slloooowwww.  I could feel my body loosening up some toward the end, but my calves (esp. the left one) fell all knotted up and sore.  Perhaps I need to roll them?

              I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

                Thanks guys.


                7 miles for me this morning at a surprising 8:30/mi pace.  Surprising because yesterday I was a bit sore / tired from the race on Sunday.  I seem to be recovered, for the most part.

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                  Hey. I'm home. I have no idea what day it is or what time it is. I thought today was Monday. Roll eyes I guess it's sort of a pleasant surprise to have it be Tuesday already.


                  My race in Manchester was good. I didn't really have a time goal other than to get a good BQ time. I knew I wouldn't PR on such a hilly course, so that wasn't a concern. I was hoping to get 1st in my AG (they had 10 year age groups) and last year I would have. But this year a gal from Lake Placid NY was 5 minutes faster than I was so she got 1st and I got 2nd, which is cool. I ran a 3:41:51, and lost time on those last couple of miles. I was ready for hills, but some flat would've been nice too. There really was not much flat. And too much wind. But other than that it was really nice. Beautiful area. I do love New England, especially the big trees and the cool houses.


                  Funny thing about gunning for an AG award. Unless you know your competition, you really don't know how you're doing.


                  Kimmie, that's an awesome trophy you won! I figured it wasn't Perry's because it's obviously a female runner, heh. See? You had a carpy run and then won a trophy in a race! Carpy runs are just that, they don't mean anything.


                  Good job on that 20 miler, Paul. Your overall pace was really good even with those little walk breaks. And they really weren't bad, but a little better pacing strategy might've seen you running the whole thing? (ha. look at me talking about pacing strategy. snort!)


                  Woohoo to Lou and Harriet for their nice 10 milers! I'd love to run a 10 mile race but we don't have any around here. I think 10 miles is a perfect distance.


                  Cash, how hot is it in San Diego? I didn't go back that far to read. DS2 will be down there for the Nomads Soccer Tournament over Thanksgiving weekend. He's hoping for heat, but they'd play better in cooler temps.


                  Bugs, darling, that is the most gorgeous finish line photo I've ever seen! I hope you're buying a lot. I'd put it on a Christmas card!! The one of you and Shannon finishing was good also. But this is just you, and perfect!!


                  Not sure if I'll run today or not. Got lots of errands to do and stuff around the house. But I might get down to the TM for 3 easy miles. It's snowing here again...

                    Snow?  It's almost ski season!!!  Smile

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                    On the road again...

                      Great 6 miles this morning.  I can't believe my marathon is 4 weeks from this Saturday.  The next 2 Saturdays are the preview runs the organizers put on, first half then the second.  How would you suggest I run them?  At MP (which may be somewhere between 9:30-9:45/mi) or as a long run (which is more like 10-10:15/mi)?  I want to make sure I get to the starting line feeling good.

                      I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.


                        Bugs ....  Awesome Picture.


                        Kimmie,  What a great trophy!   I like trophies rather than gift cards,  since the gift cards get used up,  but the trophy stays with me forever.



                        Nice job on second in age group  Erika!


                        Congrats to Lou and Harriet for their podium finishes.



                        Note to self,  don't do deadlifts and single leg squats before teaching cycle class.


                        Tried to run with the dogs today,  but legs are too sore to really run today so settled for a 90 minute walk with them.


                        The border collie is more like a quarter horse anyway,  wants to sprint maybe quarter mile then ready to walk next couple miles.  Repeat.


                        Hard to do distance runs that way.  Hard to leave him behind, when he gets all excited when he sees me put on my running shoes and head for  the door too.

                          It's great you get out with the dogs like that, Cash.  Our dog is having some issues and we've been back and forth to the vet.  


                          WTG, Erika -- nice time for a hilly course.


                          Paul - I'd run them as long runs, but maybe start slow and finish faster


                          8 miles for me this morning @8:46/mi.  A bit fast for "recovery" pace, but a bit slow for "GA".  Calling it a recovery paced run for the log, though.  Looking forward to sleeping in a bit tomorrow.

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                            Sounds like a nice way to get long runs in, using course previews. I might like to try to run some easy miles before the preview starts, then run the preview (13.1mi I gather) and as Lou suggested, try to pick up the pace during it somewhere.


                            Did my DW's interval  workout w her last night (3x1200 @ 6:30 pace w 400 jog recovery), then went straight into doing some 1600s with some friends who got there just as we finished the warmdown. One of them was doing 4x1600 @ <6:00 pace w 800 jog recovery) -- I did the first two, then jogged while they did the third, then the two of us relayed his last one with him -- I took the last 800. I was more rested than they (cause skipped the third 1600), but it was faster than the early 1600s, and I accelerated on the last curve, working up to seeing if I could sprint away from him, but then he put a burst of speed and went past me into the straightaway so fast I was disheartened and gave up on outsprinting him. I think it was around a 5:30 pace 800. I congratulated him afterward on how his speed upshift disheartened me -- seems like exactly what a person would want to do in a race finish Smile


                            I wound up running 18mi total, and am still sore today, and that will be my last speed workout for several weeks (doing a long run in a couple weeks).

                            It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


                              Another gorgeous morning here in Virginia.... ran 4 easy miles with a friend.


                              Tomorrow, I will try to go longer, since I'll be away this weekend.   I just signed up to run the Disney Marathon last night, so I guess I better try to get some long runs in.  Hope my ITB holds up.   A friend of mine who is running it, runs 5 hour pace, so I may just plan to do the whole thing with her.   It's only 8 weeks away  though (Jan. 9th) and my longest recent run was 10 miles, so time to get going....   This all sounds very familiar.  Smile


                              Paul-  I agree with Lou and Perry....  I've run half marathons 3 weeks out from my full and raced the whole thing and I think that was a mistake.  You're right that you want to get to the starting line feeling good.


                              Perry- are you saying that you ran 18 miles at a track?    Now, that's crazy.


                              Erika-  Awesome race!

                                That's what I was thinking... 18 miles of going around in circles? Oy... that's gotta be tough. A bit long for a speed workout, but hey what do I know. If I could run like Perry I'd do crazy stuff too, I suppose.


                                Kimmie! I ran Disney a couple years ago! That's my infamous race where I forgot my chip. Don't do that. It really sucks. But anyway, besides getting up at Oh-Dark-Ugly for the start, it's a great race. I liked it. It's a bit dark at the beginning where if feels like you're running in a lot of back lots of the parks, watch for potholes and cracks, etc in the pavement, and a little narrow in spots. But once you get past the first 4-5 miles or so, it's a nice course. If I hadn't told myself I won't travel to a marathon I've already run anymore (except Boston), I'd love to do that one again and go for a PR time. It's really only 8 weeks away? Wow... seems like time is just zipping by.


                                Paul, yep, run it like a long run but try to finish faster. And I'd do a few miles beforehand, too (just 3 or so) to make it a good long run. 13 is too short at this stage of the game (well, for maybe the first one).


                                Ran 3.4 on the treadmill last night listening to some PBS NOW podcasts. I guess that show is over now. Too bad. I really like their subjects and how they cover them. Learned about Wolves in Yellowstone Park, the "angry voter" movement and the problem of maternal mortality in Haiti last night. Much better than the same ol' song playlist, and it really helps distract me from the fact that I'm running on a belt to nowhere in the garage.