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Week of 08/15/11 (Read 176 times)

    NameDistance ▼Time
    Amores Perros 65.9 mi 9:34:48
    pace2race 56.2 mi 9:07:24
    AussieGirl76 55 mi 8:01:54
    WillRunForBeer 52.3 mi 7:57:26
    evanflein 48.9 mi 6:51:21
    CaraH 45.2 mi 6:53:59
    Bugs 41.6 mi 6:09:10
    theyapper66 25.5 mi 4:42:07
    jhallum 21.8 mi 3:06:10
    irpete 18.3 mi 2:57:06
    Kimmie 14 mi 2:21:00
    lilcat19 4 mi 38:24
    Dutchie42 2.7 mi 30:00
    Cashmason 2 mi 16:52
    dgb2n 0 mi 0:00
    Murphy996 0 mi 0:00
    willamona 0 mi 0:00

      Not too often I'll see this:


      WillRunForBeer 52.3 mi 7:57:26
      evanflein 48.9 mi



      But look how much faster she is than I am!

      Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


        Heh, I'm tapering, remember? Wink


        Big ol' hill workout yesterday, in the rain and mud. Nothing like making an already tough outing a wee bit more challenging! I started at the base of the hill (Ester Dome, up to 2,300 feet) and ran/walked on the road and trail (actual course) up to the top, and the "out-and-back" section. Someone had had a blade of some sort up there, apparently trying to smooth out some of the ruts and washouts, but they just left a muddy mess, IMO. It started raining on my way back, and I decided to bail on the trail part and ran back down on the road. A little shorter, but safer given how slick it was on the way up. DH met me at the top on my way back because it was raining so hard by campus he thought I'd be soaked. Well, I was, but once wet, why stop, right? He'd go down the road a bit and wait for me, then repeat till we got to the bottom. Made it fun to have him out there, my own personal cheering/support crew!


          Nice mud slogging Erika.


          WTG on mileage Lou!


          Hero WoD today.   Wod = Workout of the Day.   Hero Wod = named after soldiers who died in Iraq and Afganistan.


          1/4 mile warm up jog  ( see I still get some running in).   Then:


          8 rounds of 5 front squats at 185#     ( they only had me do 65#  as I am still a noob),   followed by 26 ring push ups  ( wooden gymnastics rings lowered to 4 inches off floor and hold those to do your pushups)


          Total 40 squats  208 push ups.       I failed after 52 push ups, so they had me do sit ups for the rest. 


          26 because the guy died at age 26.   This was one of his favorite crossfit workouts.


            Woot!   Met con  ( metabolic conditioning) day at Crossfit.


            5k run (or row).


            5k  run 26:55    Seemed pretty easy pace  8:39 pace

            Happy Camper

              5k row shooting for Met Con sounds unfun.  Although I did 200m intervals this morning and they are becoming fun so maybe the rowing turns into fun after you break into it. 

              Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.


                Rowing? That's a rehab XT I've done in the past but don't really enjoy it. Need a cushion for the seat!


                Just light running this week... 5.4 easy on Tuesday, 4.5 with some tempo yesterday, will get out for 3 or so today and then we leave tonight. Friday will be spent mostly in a car so probably no run, which is fine I guess. We're meeting a gal who is stationed here (husband in the army) but he's deployed now so she's back home in NC and running marathons. She's doing the WY race, then the next day running one in SD for a double. A good way to knock off two states in one weekend. We looked at doing that Leading Ladies race in SD, but there's really no way to make it work for us. Would like to do that sometime, though!


                  Have a great trip Erika !


                  Run well and come home safe.


                    Thanks, Cash. I did have a good run! It was a hilly beast though; the new route (an "up and back" instead of the old point-to-point) is really hard... almost all uphill or rolling hills the first half, turn around and damn if it didn't feel almost as hilly on the way back! Nice fast drop from mile 21 to the end though. Ended up with 4:12:33, good enough for 5th overall, 2nd woman and 1st in AG. It really was fun to see the horses, there was a big herd and a couple of smaller groups. Beautiful!


                    Here's the course elevation profile:


                    Today I drove out to Central City and met up with wildchild, who posts on the Master's Forum. She took me on the trails in a state park near her house. More hills! Lots of run/walk/hike/run stuff, but it sure was fun.

                      wow great race, congratulations.  That's some serious hills there.