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Oh Mighty Wing

    Hi All! work is super busy... running is struggling under the demands of work and grad classes, but I'm trying... i'm slowly starting to feel like a runner again it would help if I could string a couple of good weeks together so it's almost like a habit! LOL


    Erica nice job on Equinox. Horray for a PR


    Lou very nice 1mi PR! I believe you have steam town tomorrow! Hope it goes well!!


      Hi JF! I was thinking this morning I'd start an October thread if no one else had, and there you were! I can understand the work pressures getting in the way of running. Just keep at it and it should work out.


      Thanks for the comments on Equinox. I can't believe it's been 3 weeks already. The weather really was good for that race, in that we didn't have a lot of rain and wind beforehand to blow the leaves off the trees and cover the trail. That makes it really slick and hard to see the roots, etc. We DID have tremendous (for us) wind that evening, after the race. There were leaves blowing all over the place! Our trees went from golden to bare in just a couple of days. My run on the trails the following week was harder because of all the leaves; you could hardly see the trail at all!


      Still getting in some runs, but have cut back on mileage quite a bit. I'll be lucky to get over 40 this week. Having some soreness in my shin (inner right shin) that has been hanging around since before the race. It's not getting worse, but not better either. Hoping some weeks of lower mileage and easy running will help.


      Bugs, how are you doing? I hope your recovery is continuing. I don't have any races planned from here on out, just being a slacker. I do try to stay in "somewhat" marathon shape though, because DH is always looking for something fun we can combine with some other travel. We'll see...


      Lou and Harriet are running Steamtown tomorrow. Go Beers!


      How's everyone else doing?

        Thanks, Erika and Shannon!


        Nice Equinox, Erika -- but I told you that in another forum.


        Sounds like a tough schedule Shannon.  What are you studying in grad school?  I think you teach Chemistry, right?


        Yes, Steamtown is tomorrow here in Scranton, PA.  While there's a steep drop at the start, the conventional wisdom is to try for even time through the downhills (first 16 miles, but some very step downs early), else the uphills in the last three miles will be causing you to hate life.  I'm guessing I'll be hating life in the last three miles regardless, but will try to hold the pace even at the start.


        Have I mentioned how anxious running races, marathons especially, makes me?  I'm literally shaking right now from whatever chemical the anxiety is causing to course through my system.  This always disappears at the start, and I'm trying not to inflict it too much on Harriet.

        Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


          I vote for the hating life at the end approach. I can't resist a downhill start, but then again, that's why Boston is one of my favorite courses (and two of my past PR's). I say go for it on the downhills, let gravity help you, then work like hell at the end. Of course, that's just my thoughts, and you're asleep already, getting ready to get up in a couple hours. But oh well, let's see how you guys do!


          I got out for a run later in the day today after helping my parents with grocery shopping, and doing other errands. 9.1 miles with some good hills in there. Shin feels better going uphill, downhill bothers it, I'm thinking because of greater impact but overall it wasn't too bad. Felt strong on this run, I'm crediting all the hills I did in So Cal for feeling so strong now. Not sure what I'll do tomorrow.

            Harriet and I both PR'd and BQ'd.  I ran 3:30:14 and Harriet ran 4:02:52, both times still unofficial.  We sent in our registration for Boston, but I guess there will be a flood of registrations this weekend and they're close to closing, so we're waiting to see if we get in.  I was tired enough at the end but it was good to have the energy to be passing people right and left for that last 10K.  I think this strategy seemed to work, for me at least.


            Splits (from the garmin):


            1 - 7:46(166)
            2 - 7:59(162)
            3 - 7:54(159)
            4 - 7:54(147)
            5 - 7:57(143)
            6 - 7:56(147)
            7 - 8:07(156)
            8 - 7:56(152)
            9 - 7:56(159)
            10 - 8:01(154)
            11 - 8:08(156)
            12 - 7:58(159)
            13 - 7:57(158)
            14 - 8:00(156)
            15 - 8:00(159)
            16 - 8:04(160)
            17 - 7:50(159)
            18 - 7:51(162)
            19 - 7:47(162)
            20 - 7:54(162)
            21 - 7:45(163)
            22 - 7:44(165)
            23 - 7:54(166)
            24 - 8:01(169)
            25 - 8:03(174)
            26 - 7:46(183)
            27 - 4:07(195) [0.56=7:23]

            Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


              Sweet, Lou! Congrats to both you and Harriet! Wonderful mile splits there, it doesn't look like the hilly end slowed you down any. Nice job! I hope you get into Boston. I find it kind of incredible that it's still open!

              On the road again...

                Congrats on the PRs and the BQs, Lou!!  Great running by the two of you.

                I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.


                  Congrats on the BQ  Lou and Harriet.


                  Congrats to Erika on her  Equinox   PR.


                  First run in a month for me today.  5k +,  but finally a run without pain so that was fun.

                    i feel like running. It's been a long time. I feel like such a slug. TIme to get into shape. Hope everyone is doing well..


                      Hi Paul! Hi Cash! Hi Murphy! Nice to see you guys pop in. Now feet running!!


                        What does now feet running mean?


                          Ha! I just saw that! I was using my iPad and I think it "autocorrected" something. That was s'posed to be get running! (heh, I should talk... haven't run since last Sunday)


                          Back to work after two days of meetings in Anchorage. Usually these meetings aren't very productive (that's an understatement) but we really did a good job on this one and got lots accomplished! Hit the gym at work for some elliptical and abs. Need to get on a plan to do more... feel like a total slacker.


                            Wed   5 x5  bench press  max  100 pounds

                            teach cycle then  5x5  deadlift.  Max  200 pounds.


                            Thurs  Teach cycle then  5x3  Back Squat max 135 pounds.


                            Today ,  Ran 4.14 miles in 36:26  8:47 pace


                            Tomorrow  Teach cycle.


                            Can't have the running wife be mad at me for not running enough.... wink.

                              Not running a lot, just 5 miles every day since we traveled, will probably run a bit longer tomorrow.  Mostly helping the new parents of our new grandson, Sam.  

                              Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


                                Congrats on the new grandson, WRFB & PDR! How exciting! Enjoy your time with them, it'll go so fast.


                                Good for you, Cash!


                                I actually ran last night after work! Temp was only 19 or 20 though, and I forgot my headband and had my capris instead of tights so got pretty cold. I'm really not acclimated to the cold yet... But, leg felt fine and ran 4.6 miles on the plowed bike paths.