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November 2011 (Read 206 times)

    Week 1


    NameDistance ▼Time
    evanflein 55.6 mi 7:43:54
    Amores Perros 51.4 mi 7:00:35
    rockenmamaof5 41 mi 6:15:52
    Kimmie 39.3 mi 6:21:00
    WillRunForBeer 39 mi 5:37:04
    pace2race 37.4 mi 6:07:02
    CaraH 31.2 mi 4:51:08
    jhallum 22.8 mi 3:08:38
    dgb2n 6 mi 59:35
    Dutchie42 4.1 mi 51:48
    AussieGirl76 4 mi 35:00
    theyapper66 3.2 mi 30:00
    Cashmason 1.2 mi 10:20
    irpete 0 mi 0:00
    Murphy996 0 mi 0:00


    You may remember me commenting about my predictable lack of desire to run after my marathon and as you can see from the above, I have zero desire.  The number one reason is that during the taper and the days afterwards where I'm unable to run, life is so much easier.  Dinner is ready earlier, the kids are organized faster, there's no rushing (we have five kids at three different schools + two adult 'kids') and I finally get an opportunity to stop and relax.  When I have days of no running, it's easy to stretch them out. 


    I ran twice yesterday, hopefully this is the start of me getting back into it.  My plan for the next phase is a weekly long run up to 20mi, intervals or fast tempo every week, hills every three weeks, 3x10mi per week, doubles if possible... and we'll see about weekly mileage.  I got to the 60's last time, however there were times I took PTO!  Perhaps the doubles will enable me to get the mileage and not take time off work.  I'm able to pic the best parts (for me) out of my previous training plans and doubles is the only thing I've never done.  Given that the three 10+ mile runs a week were the best (only) good part of the Lydiard program, and this is essentially running on tired legs, the doubles are an extension of least in my mind. 


    It's rainy and dismal here in Kansas, hope the sky is bright where you are. 

      Hey Gen! Thanks for starting us off, and I see you're going with the monthly format. Might as well, I guess. We seem to have really "tapered off" in this group. (heh)


      Last week was a big week for me, I even had more miles than Perry! THAT doesn't ever happen... hope he's not hurt. Last weekend was 10 on Saturday (10.2 @ 8:08 avg), and Sunday was 20.1 at 8:18 avg. Not bad considering we have snow and (some) ice on the roads. Bike paths are unplowed so I found some residential streets with packed snow to do most of my miles on. I wear "spikies" on my feet since my new shoes don't have screws in them yet, and the little carbide spikes work best on that packed snow. Good runs, but the end of Sunday's run was hard with the wind picking up, sleety snow starting and it seemed dark all day (overcast). Legs are still a little tired from the weekend.


      This is a cutback week, then one more big push before the race. I don't remember if I posted here that I'm running White Rock in Dallas on Dec. 4... sort of a last minute decision based on meeting travel and need for miles and the state of TX. It all works.


      But Gen, I do look forward to then taking some time off (well, really cut back) from running the rest of December. It does seem like life is just so much easier when you don't have to schedule those runs around everything else in life. A little reduced mileage before picking it up for Boston wouldn't be a bad idea anyway, really.


      Elliptical and abs/core yesterday at lunch, elliptical and U/B weights at lunch today, 5 mile treadmill run tonight after work.

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        Congrats on the 20,10 weekend. I wasn't injured, just kind of a combination of sore/tired from 90mile week previous, and tapering for 5mi race, and then beat from 5mi race (not sure why). But I am ok with letting my mileage slide down b/c my 50 is in just under 2wks now.


        Had a great 5mi race last Sunday, even if it did seem to wipe me out. Drafted and chased my AG rival then sprinted to the end for an 8s win. Almost felt bad for doing that, but that gives me the best race. He congratulated me afterward, b/c that didn't just win our AG for that race, but it clinched our spots as #1 for me and #2 for him for our AG in the series for the year. He is also running the 50 in a week and a half, and we plan to try running together. It's his first - he hasn't even done a 50K or a trail marathon, crazy guy Smile   I am looking forward to it, and to chatting with him during it.

        It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


          Not a whole lot of running. Just the stuff we do as part of cross fit.




          But starting to like the way I look in the mirror.


          Btw,   nice legs Gen.

          Happy Camper

            Crazy week for me.  DW was in the hospital and came home yesterday.  She is doing much better.  Friday I leave and will be camping in the deep woods of Missouri working on stocking up my freezer with organic meat for the year.  Hopefully it will not take all week to bag a couple of deer but if it does, there would be worse ways to spend the time. 

            Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.

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              Have fun hunting, and good luck.

              It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


                Sorry to hear about your wife, Bryan.  Glad to hear she's doing better.


                Your schedule is awesome, Erika... glad you get to go to Dallas.... How many states do you have now?


                Gen,  I hear you on the lack of motivation.... 


                Perry-  exciting win!


                We just had our local marathon here=  Marine Corps.... many of my friends ran it and did well.  I hope to run another soon, if only to have an answer when people ask me what my next marathon is.


                  Good 8 miles this morning.... felt cold at 35 degrees.  I really enjoy my running partners.     They help me so much.  I was tired and didn't want to get up this morning, but I did and happy I did.

                    Kimmie, Texas will be state #12. It's marathon #7 for me this year. I've never more than 5 in a year before (2007) and that's when I was doing 6 in 6 months (#6 was Carlsbad in January '08). Something fun to do, but I'm obviously not in a hurry to wrap up the 50 states. I also want to do all Provinces in Canada... I have one so far (B.C.).


                    Today's run was my long run for the week, just 14 but difficult enough in the snow and dealing with traffic on the road, 16° F. I'll run 6 or 7 tomorrow morning on the treadmill and be done with it (up to 2" of snow coming tonight).

                      We'll be running outer banks today.  We talked with a guy last night at the pasta party who'd run 166 and is on his 4th time around the 50 states.  He started running when he was 63, was still breaking 4:30 when he turned 70 (BQ time).


                      We are driving to the finish in a little bit for the shuttle to the start.  I hate this part, waiting to start, but I'll be fine once we get going.

                      Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


                        Go Lou! Go Harriet!

                          Well, we got state number 12 (like Erika).  It wasn't pretty, but we got the state.  Smile

                          Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

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                            In an odd coincidence, I just ran a marathon also called "Marine Corps marathon", much like the one that Kim mentioned. Smile

                            It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                              NameDistance ▼Time
                              rockenmamaof5 67.2 mi 10:39:06
                              Amores Perros 48.5 mi 6:47:42
                              WillRunForBeer 44.8 mi 6:44:20
                              evanflein 44.1 mi 6:08:22
                              pace2race 29.4 mi 4:39:46
                              AussieGirl76 28.1 mi 4:13:06
                              Kimmie 16 mi 2:31:00
                              theyapper66 11 mi 1:54:55
                              Cashmason 4.9 mi 39:39
                              dgb2n 4.1 mi 40:00
                              CaraH 0 mi 0:00
                              Dutchie42 0 mi 0:00
                              irpete 0 mi 0:00
                              jhallum 0 mi 0:00
                              Murphy996 0 mi 0:00


                              Week 2.


                              We're owed a race report!  My motivation is returning a little, I ran 12 on saturday, my slowest 12 in years, but I was out there!  I'm loving this cooler weather.  Have a nice week all.

                                I'm in Juneau for the first part of this week... in the middle of a big winter storm for these parts. Ran 3.3 miles this morning in heavy wet snow, so different from what we get at home! Our snow is light and fluffy and doesn't pack down so you're constantly slipping and stumbling around in it. This stuff packs down with one tire track, so I could pick a trail to run in for quite a while, just dodging off the road for oncoming traffic. I'll try to get up earlier tomorrow, and wear my headlamp so I have better visibility and can be seen better.