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    So Bugs did you get word?



    My vitamin D levels are low. I tested positive for having two the bacteria that they tested me for. However the tests are tests for anti-bodies and just means you have had it recently. (I believe to really test for the bacteria, not anti-bodies is an expensive tests that takes weeks.) The nurse said that the doctor said that we'd address it at my next appointment. I complained, I now have an appointment on the 15th. See what I mean about, "hurting, waiting, hurting, waiting". 


    Oh Mighty Wing

      yikes... that is so frustrating to get a result that isn't "everything's normal" and then be told you have to wait 10 days!! Just craziness... 


      Right now I'm not training for anything. I'm transitioning from brazilian jiu jitsu back into running. So I'm just growing my lung strength back and reminding my body how to move. Smile I really like triathlons and was supposed to do a half ironman a year a go this month actually, but didn't. So I'd really like to go attack my bucket list of half and full ironmans. Of course I'll probably set up some running races till next tri season so I have goals (like possibly the monkey in november - mostly because i can't help myself)... but I'm really out of running shape so right now I just have to keep telling myself that. 





      Ran 4 yesterday below 11 mm - WOOT! and then swam 800m. It was pretty nice, but I was sleeping on the couch by 9pm. I totally forgot how tired all this makes me!! But I've been sleeping like a baby which is awesome!

        Shan, Im sure you'll get back up to decent running shape in no time. You're young and you have been active. Getting your 4 miles in at under 11mm is great. A month of consistant running and you'll be amazed at how much of your running fitness yor got back.


         Even my old out of shape butt gets into decent running shape fairly quickly.Not to the level of most everyone else in RA, but to where I can slog through 10 miles at an ok clip (and run/walk for another 60 if I happened to be dumb enough to enter a 24 hour race).


        I feel for you bugs, keep positive.




          Not doing much running these days.  Switched to the New Balance Minimus shoes.   I run fast in them for me,  about 7: 10 per mile,


          then my calves start to hurt.


          Going on 4 years now of teaching indoor cycling / spin class  4 days a week,   and going to cross fit  weight lifting class a couple times a wee,



          Glad to see Shannon and Bugs back posting,  and this forum getting active again.

            Hey Cash! Good to see you. Maybe 7:10 is a wee bit fast and you should slow down a bit if the calves are complaining. Something usually called "easing into it..." maybe? Just a thought. 


            My "Dancing with the Fairbanks Stars" gig is over, performance was yesterday and last night. Did pretty well, but we didn't win. Good enough, didn't think we would, really. The top scoring team had a "star" who actually had a LOT of dance performance and even choreographed their routine. Not really a level playing field for the rest of us novices. But it was fun, and we raised money for the dance team which was the main goal. My partner and I raised over $1,200 so we're happy with that.


            Running has taken a bit of a back seat with all the dance rehearsals and practice, so time to get back to it. Just in time, too. Equinox is just 5 weeks away (yikes!).

            Oh Mighty Wing

              HEY CASH!!! wow you sure do alot!! That's awesome. And yes complaining shins is probably a sign of a bit too fast... but sometimes you just run what you run.


              E - dancing huh?? I bet you did great!! Who knows maybe the time "off" will help. 


              So I moved and lost my shoes... which means 4 days off. The moving took us three - boo!!! Losing my running shoes is also not good so I went and bought new ones. I think they will work out ok. I only did 1.4 in them on the nature trail. I've never run on it - it was ok. 

                I've been in Seattle this week with my parents for some medical appointments, and getting nice runs in in the morning. Monday and Tuesday I ran on the Burke-Gilman Trail that is really close to the hotel. Today, I ran 2 miles on busy streets to get to the Green Lake Park, which has a nice trail around it for running, walking and bikes. I did three laps (2.8 miles each), and ran back, stopping at Safeway for bananas and yogurt. 12.3 miles, with some tempo miles in there so I'll call it a tempo run with 8:02 overall avg pace. Nice to be able to get some miles in!


                Jelly, glad you got new shoes. Too easy for that to become an excuse... Smile

                Oh Mighty Wing

                  Erika - that sounds like a nice run! I hope the appointments are not due to anything to serious. 


                  Did a nice brick today. 10miles on the bike, 3miles running. It felt great. Ran 6.2 yesterday and it just flowed. My legs started to chatter at 5, but only in the "oh this again" sort of way. I've got 13 weeks till the Monkey 26.2, so I figure I just have to keep on logging miles and it's bound to go quicker than the first time. Big grin


                    Erika, Cash, Shannon, this is like old times! 


                    I did run 5 miles for the first time in 10 months. I am really surprised how much biking has helped with running. Thing about biking, no sore tendons, achy calves.. right Cash Wink


                    Oh how I wish I was training. I'm suppose to rest, and apparently doing a triathlon wasn't resting. I am on antibiotics for the next month, to cure the pneumonia that might be causing all these pains. Doctor still swears he will get me through this and get me back to my old self, so lets believe even if it seems against the odds.


                    Oh Mighty Wing

                      Bugs - just like old times!! Glad we are all still around. So pneumonia huh? That's not good at all. Hopefully that will help. And no a tri is not resting LOL, but I get the thought process on that one! It's always nice when the miles just roll my run yesterday was much the same. 


                      Today I did a brick - 10mi ride, 3 mi run - it was great!! Every day I feel a bit better. Although I have to say I needed a nap afterwards and when I walked up the stairs a couple hours later my thighs burned. It was totally worth it!

                      On the road again...

                        Really nice 10 and a quarter run this morning.  Unusually cooler temps for us - 63° - and it was so nice.


                        Bugs - I looked up the word "rest" in the dictionary and couldn't find "tri" anywhere in the definition. Wink

                        I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

                        Oh Mighty Wing

                          Yap - WOW! 63 - i thought I was lucky with 74 this evening! 



                          So, I made a plan to get me to the Monkey in November... I started it today. 4 miles. The plan is all easy miles - no need for speed work or any such craziness. I just have them building rather steadily peaking in the 50's, every couple of weeks I did a low week. It seems reasonable, but we'll see. I also kept biking and swimming in there. 


                          After talking to a friend about longer distance tri's i'm not sure how I feel... if I can train for them but keep my running miles where I want them then that's fine, but if I'm very restricted on my running (ideally I'd like to run what i want to run and then work in biking and swimming) then I won't be a happy camper... neither here nor there at the moment, but it's on my mind. Anyone have any input on this??

                            Only input is hats off to you for doing tris at all. It seems like all I can do to get my running miles in, I couldn't imagine adding in biking and swimming. And yeah, Bugs, doing a tri isn't quite what they mean by "rest."


                            20.1 miles today, 8:06 avg pace (way too fast, I know), and even though it wasn't that warm it's really dry here and I got really dehydrated on this run. The last few miles were tough.... battling hallucinations of a nice cold bottle of water! Lost over 7 lbs on this run, yikes! Glad that's done though. I feel a little bit more like I'm on track for Equinox now, with one more 20+ miler in two weeks, then two week taper to the race. It'll have to be enuf.

                            Oh Mighty Wing

                              Erika you never know sometimes a change of pace can be good. Nice 20 miler, but you are right - holy moly on the 7 lbs. I probably would have been dreaming of drinking a swimming pool of water! haha You know i have no idea if I can fit it all in, but I know I want to really build up a solid running base and then hold it up there while building up the distance of the other two sports. Not having kids helps me be able to fit more in, plus the SO is a pretty serious BJJ athlete so that really helps. But who knows, one thing at a time I suppose! Smile


                                Erika, becareful to drink. We all know you're as tough as Scarlet O'Hara but take care of yourself!


                                2.5 easy miles for me. Knee and elbow pain is gone but now I am dizzy. Doc says it is all because of antibiotics, and I'm on my way back. It all seems like a dream.