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Week of October 31 (Read 147 times)


    Happy Halloween, and hello to November starting this week! Seems like the year is just flying by.

    Here's what we did last week:


    Amores Perros 92.2 mi 12:36:21
    WillRunForBeer 50.3 mi 7:32:33
    evanflein  47.2 mi 6:36:33
    pace2race  44.6 mi 7:00:05
    irpete 32.7 mi 5:45:52
    CaraH 24 mi 3:45:32
    AussieGirl76 19 mi 2:48:13
    Kimmie  17.5 mi 2:30:00
    jhallum 15.3 mi 2:05:30
    Cashmason  4.8 mi 40:21
    Dutchie42 3 mi 31:00

    Happy Camper

      Happy Halloween to you too.  Smile


      7-miles easy pace this morning and weights after work.  First time in a week to do squats and deadlifts.  I will feel it in the morning. 


      AG:  About the PF, wear flexible shoes during the day.  Shoes that are too stiff will make it worse as they will continue to strain the facia.  If you have the stick take it with you.  When you get the chance, put it on the floor and roll your foot over it.  Better than any stretch to loosen up as far as I'm concerned.  They say it also helps to take a canned good, freeze it and then roll your foot around on that also.  I've never tried the cold can but can vouch for the stick.  Good luck with it. 

      Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.

        are you talking to me?  It's my butt, not my foot.  Better now. 


        It's interesting, I get my injuries at or right after the marathon, so the lesson learned is to pay extra attention to stretching.  This is how I discovered my IT band, which had me out for several months.  I didn't run for a couple of days prior to this last marathon and I had obviously tightened up, not feeling any pain until the race - and it was baaad.

          your white doggy looks like a pig in mud, very happy with himself  :-)